SpritesheetVisualizer 1.0 - Easy gifs for your games!


I needed to make a gif and I was too stubborn to guess the image offsets and stuff so I made this plugin to do that for me with all of my future gif needs. It does require a bit of setup for the spritesheets but that’s really about it. Let’s get straight into it!

How does it work?

  1. Insert a spritesheet and select it in studio, and then open the plugin


  1. Hit the ‘select’ button on the plugin and wait for it to load the spritesheet
    2A. Allow access to http requests (for it to fetch the image size) if it’s your first time doing this
  2. Count the rows on the x and y axis and input them into their respective boxes

  1. Hit ‘Import’ to import the selected frame and a script that lets you go to the frame itself or hit ‘Import Player’ to import a player that will automatically play the animation with a script it inserts (change the ‘FPS’ variable in the script if needed)
    4A. Turn on ability to manage scripts if this is your first time importing it

Note: I made this look really complicated but it took less than 30 seconds to make that actually work.


How do I get spritesheets?

Too lazy to do that and just want to see how it works?

  • Use the image: ‘rbxassetid://6120777545’ with 11y and 10x

Feature request / bugs?

I wrote this in like 3 hours so it’s probably going to have some bugs so please let me know! Also let me know if there’s any features you’d like to have.


Interesting. So with this plugin, we can put gifs into Studio for our games?

Yes, it was possible before with modules such as:

I just made this module so you can get the image offsets easily and insert them to already be animated.

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It’s not on sale lol, mind fixing it or is something wrong with it?

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Fixed! I swear I had put it on sale.

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so i can now make a whole movie into a spritesheet? (if i am able to make into a gif)

Uh, you’d probably have to split it. Roblox downscales large images to like 1024x1024 iirc.