Spritial_Pie | Builder | Graphics Designer [CLOSED]

Spritial_Pie/About me

I am Spritial_Pie, an average builder and graphics designer. I am open for service, for building and graphics. I’ve been building since 2018, and recently started doing graphics design around late 2019.


I have listed all my work here:

Additional Note:
Weapons are built in ROBLOX Studio, not blender

Additional Photos

KOTH Commission

Bank Exterior


I am available throughout the entire day, from 10:00AM to 10:00PM. My time zone is in the eastern (US & Canada).

Spritial_Pie/Pricing & Payment

Prices are subject to change in the future.

  • Guns are listed at :robux_gold:600

  • Maps start at :robux_gold:1500/2000/3000. For example, my bank exterior starts at :robux_gold:1500, my KOTH commission starts at :robux_gold:2000, and the cafe, theater, homestore starts at :robux_gold:3000.

  • Graphics are listed at :robux_gold:400-800

Discord: aTie_Lur#7446. This is my preferred source of communication.

Payment will be accepted by group funds. This is my preferred way of getting paid.

Thank you for going through my portfolio!


Very impressive stuff! I like your graphic design style; Very clean! One small thing I noticed, there is no timezone on your hours listed. Nice portfolio btw! :+1:

Thanks! I’ll be adding that shortly.

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I commissioned Spritial_Pie to build & model several maps that adhere to the classic Roblox style. He works diligently and produces a quality product in a timely manner.

I highly recommend him & believe he should drastically raise his prices.