SPS to MPH Converting

So, I want to use in my script changing SPS to MPH. So if I have 50 SPS, is there a formula or something I can use to convert it to MPH?

I have tried looking at other topics, they did not help me.


Just to be sure, SPS stands for Studs per Second? If so, I may’ve found an article for you that contains your answer

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Yeah, I saw that topic too. I tried it, but it gave me an incorrect answer, or at least I think it is an incorrect answer. Because, it says if i input 50 sps, A-Chassis should show 60 mph, although it showed 30 mph.

I basically just want a formula that i can input a SPS number into, and it will become mph. (yes SPS stands for studs per second)

It depends on how you represent a stud, you can make a stud represent 2 meters if you wanted in the formula, so it would be m = studs/1609.344/2*3600. And it would give me 55 MPH, it just depends on what you make out a stud to be in meters

For a more approachable formula for you that you can customize

m = studs/1609.344/studMeters*3600

Where studs is the amount of studs to convert and studMeters being the amount of meters you believe a stud is

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Alright, thank you. I believe 1 meter is 20 studs, according to another post.

Roblox gives us some values in game settings which we can use to convert studs to different real world values

1 stud is 0.9184375754265092 feet
1 stud per second is 0.9184375754265092 feet per second
0.91843757542650916736 feet per second is 0.62620743779080167979 mph
Therefore, 1 sps ≈ 0.62620743779080167979 mph

You can just multiply this in a function

function spsToMph(sps)
    return sps * 0.62620743779080167979

(This also means roblox characters are only 4’6")


Thank you as well, I’ll try them both.

That would give you around 5 mph from a quick caluclation if you were to give it 50 studs (Referring to 1 stud = 20 meters). In the end, just depends on how you perceive it, but I think 30-31 is the canonical correct result using 1 stud = 0.28 meters, the original mentioned in the Edit of the reply of the post I sent

Yeah for me when i input 50 SPS for the driveseat, A-Chassis says its 63mph, weird. Thank you though I will use this.

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I think your post might be inaccurate because 1 SPS is 0.28 meters per second and when I put 0.28 in the meters per second to MPH calculator I get 0.6263422 MPH instead of 0.62620743779080167979 MPH.

The number will really only ever be as accurate as your starting input
The 0.28 value is actually rounded, the real value would be more like 0.27993977299
When converted you get 0.6262074377908017

A difference of 0.00001 would be considered negligible for such a thing anyways, if you could measure speed in roblox down to the billionth itd make sense for it to be that accurate, but again something is only ever as accurate as its weakest link

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the “studs” is where i’d input my sps right? Because according to a quick google search, a stud is 0.28 meters, and if I replace studMeters with 0.28, I get that 1 sps is 8 mph. This cant be right, right?