Spud_2021's Projects

Welcome to Spud_2021’s Projects!

We are a group which focuses on the development of a fictional roleplay based in the UK called; Hemsway, UK.

Hemsway is based in the North West of the UK. With a large town centre and lovely beaches. Amazing place to go with friends to roleplay!

In total we currently have 5 teams:

• Police.*
• Paramedic.
• Fire & Rescue.
• Civilian.
• Arrested.

In the future we would like to introduce:

• Ice Cream Company.
• Bus Company.*
• Royal Mail.
• Hemsway Council*

With these roles above we are in talks for gamepasses or even only access to those who ‘Server Boost’ our communications hub.

(*) = Limited to 7, but in talks with Community Directors.


:bust_in_silhouette: • Group: Spud_2021's Projects - Roblox

:busts_in_silhouette: • Roleplay Group: Transport HQ • Public Services - Roblox

Please note: Roleplay Group you need to be 13 to access the communications server which you can apply for possions and much more to gain the best experience!