SRF | Staff Guidelines

Soro’s Restaurant Franchise | Staff Handbook

Created by Pigaidannn and Ephnia

Table of Contents

How to Start Working
Staff Regulations
Dealing with Trollers
Promotion Guide
Shift Leader

How to Start Working

Congratulations on making it to Trainee! There’s one more step before you can begin working at the restaurant. It is EXPECTED to attend and pass a training session in order to learn what’s expected of staff members. You’ll be taught how to serve, cook, and deal with disruptive customers.

You can find the training center here.

Of course, you can skip the Trainee rank and go straight to Head Chef. This costs Robux and can be located here.

You need to turn on your work next! As a Host+ you have access to the podiums, kitchen, and gamepass seating. In order to turn on your worker status, press the Orange icon at the top of your screen, then press Start Working.

In order to see how to make items at the restaurant, you can use the Orange icon in the top bar to open a Recipe Book. From there, you can select the type of order (Drink, Appetizer, Entree and Dessert) then select the item and follow the steps in the kitchen!

Staff Regulations

As a Low Rank at Soro’s, grammar is completely optional. It’s not required; however, it is preferred.

Our rules prohibit any form of trolling as a staff. If any of this is seen, you will be suspended or even fired.

A few ways you can get suspended:

  • Abusing the :handto command (giving food to random people)

  • Abusing the Mod Call option

  • Disrespect to others

  • Farming for Worker points

  • Trolling

  • There are more ways to be suspended; however, consequences vary.

A link to the Soro’s guidelines can be found here.

We want all of our customers and LR’s to have a great time within Soro’s, so we advise you to follow the rules in order to better the community.

Dealing with Trollers

If you ever encounter a troller, you should give them one verbal warning before calling for help. This can be done by utilizing the “Mod Call” button in the Orange icon.

Exploiters should be given no warnings and instead call for help immediately.

Misuse of this command can lead to consequences.

Promotion Guide

Here at Soro’s, you’re able to progress through the ranks in two different ways.

  1. Attend training sessions, where you’ll be taught the information to help you to work well while at the restaurant. Schedule found here.

  2. Rank up through Worker Points at the restaurant. Each rank requires a different number of worker points to be promoted. You can multiply the amount you earn with multipliers. There are 2x and Soro’s Gold (gives 10x plus perks).

You can find the point requirements below:

Shift Leader

Shift Leader (SL) is the highest LR and lowest MR rank. There are 2 ways of achieving this rank:

  • Earn and receive a Shift Leader recommendation from an Assistant Manager+ and pass a background check.

To be recognized, remain active and hardworking, use proper grammar, and be ranked Head Chef. Recommendations occur randomly.

  • Apply when applications are announced in #staff-announcements in the communications server.

You must pass the following requirements in order to apply for the rank Shift Leader:

  • Ranked as a Head Chef in the Soro’s group.
  • Have an account in the communications server.
  • No recent negative community and/or moderation history.
  • Knowledge of correct English grammar and spelling.
  • Joined the communications server at least 30 days prior.
  • Roblox account age is more than 100 days.

Shift Leader is the pathway to progressing to the Executive Team. You will trained for the rank Supervisor over the following 2 weeks after passing your application.

Thank you for reading the staff handbook, have a nice day!
-Soro’s Executives and Corporate Officers