SS VirusHunter | Feedback on my first plugin

Hello, so today I just made my plugin for the first time and I want to see your feedback. I’m very happy that my plugin works surprisingly great. This plugin is basically like plugins like Ro Defender, Server Defender, and Gameguard Antivirus. But I also made some features that I can’t find on the other plugins.

Things That SS VirusHunter Have That Most Free Antivirus Plugins Don’t Have

The Flaws Of SS VirusHunter

  • Bad GUI - hey mate I ain’t a GUI developer lol I don’t know how to make a cool GUI
    I guess that all of the flaws lol

Expect These Updates

  • Better GUI
  • Larger Database
  • Remote Detection - List ALL server remotes and find remotes that could be used to execute code using a virtual Lua
  • Exemptions System - Scripts put here will be ignored by the antivirus
  • HTTPS Protection - List ALL HTTP Connections of scripts

That is all I can do, for now, pretty good plugin for a first plugin
forgot to add the plugin link here it is lol