Stack Burger | Public Handbook

Stack Burger | Public Handbook

This handbook is associated with Stack Burger! This handbook was created to enable easy access to information regarding the daily operations of the community. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about Stack Burger. If any of this handbook doesn’t make sense or needs further elaboration, please let us know.

About us🍔

Stack Burger is a virtual restaurant on the platform. We’re known for serving some of the most delicious and sweetest grilled goods. Our vision is to bring together a diverse and welcoming community that anyone can call home. All of our employees are working hard to ensure that you have the best time possible.

Community Guidelines

At Stack Burger, we work around the clock to ensure the members of our community are in a safe environment. Our leadership team has rules in place to create a safe space for you. With that being said, our rules will be below. We highly encourage you to read the list below.


At Stack Burger kindness is a very important key to what makes us, us. Everyone should be treated with the utmost respect. If there is an issue, ping an HR


Stack Burger does not permit any type of bad and discriminating language. Swearing and slurs are strictly prohibited. There is absolutely no need to discriminate against another human. Doing so can result in a kick or ban from our servers.


We simply ask that you are to think before sending a message as it can offend others. If there is an incident, please ping HR for assistance.


We ask that you are to refrain from spamming in any way throughout the server. Ping spamming will result in an instant ban. Spamming clogs, the chat and can be very annoying to many users.


Self-advertising is strictly prohibited. Advertising your content such as your group, video, or individual creation will result in consequences.


Creating or being involved in drama will result in consequences. Do not cause drama in our server or bring drama from a different community here. We are a safe place for users; drama can result in serious consequences.

[details=“Rank Information”]
Valued Customer: A standard member of the group.
Noted Customer: A honorable member of the community that has contributed in some way.
Allied Representative: Partner representatives.

Low Ranks

Junior Cashier:
Senior Cashier:

Management Team

Staff Assistant:
Restaurant Supervisor:
Assistant Manager:
Restaurant Manager:

Administration Team

General Manager
Executive Intern:
Executive Assistant:
Executive Board:

Corporate Team

Corporate Intern:
Corporate Officer:
Junior Corporate:
Senior Corporate:
Chief Relations Officer:
Chief Administrative Officer:

Leadership Team

Presidential Assistant:
Vice President: