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For the past several days, I’ve been trying to get my head around on how to achieve a smooth curve layout on seats within a stadium.

In the screenshot I provided, there is a small gap between the stairs and the seats. I could shift the seats to the right to get rid of the gap. However, it will cause further problems when adding stairs to the left, as it will cause another gap. Adding seats to the left side will also cause the whole arrangement to look a bit deformed.

The build is similar to the recent bloxy theatre and I was wondering if there is any technique I could use to achieve a successful curve with seat arrangements that don’t include a gap between the seats and the alley.


This is the picture of the stadium which I am basing my build around


Seems to me that in the reference image the seating blocks themselves follow a slight curve, not the spaces between them solely.

EDIT: Okay to further explain because in hindsight that made barely any sense. I did some tinkering in studio to try and find a method but I haven’t yet but my idea is that you’re following the wrong idea here.

You’re making 4-sided, rigid seating blocks, but on analysis of the reference image the curve doesn’t happen in between the seating blocks, it happens in them. It seems that the stairs are the ones that don’t cause the curve.


Capture visual%20ref

I’d suggest experimenting with breaking apart the seating blocks so there’s a slight curve in each one specifically, that links to the stairs being static and without any shape change.

I hope this helps, I’m not too good at explaining things.


I don’t even think that the distance between the block of seats which goes through the alley are even consistent as you go up the staircase.

If you just change the block of seats to be compatible with the curve, aka filling the gap on the right side and copy and paste as you go along. if that makes sense

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The stairs are fairly consistent in between the rows of chairs

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How large are the gaps? Have you tried to duplicate the seat block and the alley?

That’s how large they are

What’s the gap?

The gap will become bigger as we escalate

You might need to compensate using the Gapfill plugin

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I think you are a bit confused with what I am trying to achieve. I am trying to remove the empty area between the side seat and the stair. Also you can’t simply use a gapfill plugin on a model, it only works on bricks.

Is there a game I can view to make me understand better?

I don’t exactly know how to help you here, but I may have a solution to your problem.

See if you can put as little space as you can between each seat, then fill in the gaps at the ends with extra seats as you go up each row.
Here is an example of what I mean,

In this image, you can see that in some sections of seats, the rows get longer as they go up. I’m not sure what type of stadium you are building, but I do hope this helps.

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Hi ChilledCW,

The methods I use to fix this issue are to (1). move the stairwells away from the point of curvature so that seats can be filled efficiently up to the point of turning, or (2). to position and angle the staircase as a bisector of the angle formed by the two stands meeting together.

For this build, I tried the first method. I positioned my stairwells a decent amount away from where the stands turn, and then added in the seats.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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