Stadium/Coliseum Build

Hello again, fellow developers.

I approach with a new creation in hand; this time a lot different from the last. This coliseum took me around two hours to build, and if possible, I’d like some ideas to improve it/any changes to make. I understand it’s quite bland right now and needs a bit more detail, so ideas would be helpful!


Link to the game if needed

⚔️ Medieval Sword Fighters - Roblox

Thank you in advance to all who contribute ideas.

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It looks great so far but the detail does need to be improved. Little details give a big effect on games even when it’s not needed. Maybe put some cylinders mostly in the ramp and have them an equal space apart.
There is my quick example. This is my 2nd ever post on the forum, so sorry if it’s a little messy

Thank you! I’ll definitely try that.

And don’t worry, your post was very well put together!

Really cool, what did you base it off of?

Thanks! Nothing, if I’m being honest. It just came from my head.

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You got the structure - layout right but the dull colors seem unnatural if you’re going for those fighting stadium something that you’ll see in Spain or around the world I feel like you should make the area more wide so players won’t die very easily, even include protection bars or higher walls.

I’d recommend adding lighter colors to the terrain to represent that desert sand feel. Consider having it more open to look more natural in a kind of way. Have more structure placed on the building. Sand stone blocks or walls

Right now, it looks something i never seen i was kind of confused on what where you going for but the game name said it all but it would look more better if you make it more wider or place textures materials. :slight_smile:


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I opened up the top to have some sunlight come in to make it less dull. I’ll definitely try to adjust the color scheme to be a little brighter as well. Thanks for your input Jordon!

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I like it and I agree with @ltsAdds, there is not enough detail. The stadium seats lack a lot of detail.

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Yes, that was the point of my post. I was looking for some ideas for details I can add to it.