Staircase maker

StairMaker.rbxmx (38.2 KB)
A neat plugin to make stairs. Yes i know starvant quick stair maker exists but i wanted to make my own.

This is the GUI. Not the best but atleast better than the previous one.

set some settings bro! or it wont work.

cool preview system. IT only previews an object whenever u select it.

Generated stairs with a neat transition. I cant send videos rn but u can find out the transition yourself

Yeah thats pretty much it.
Hope you like it.

What are you waiting for? get it!
StairMaker.rbxmx (38.2 KB)

rbxm files wont be updated, Instead use StairMaker - Roblox


Just some feedback (for the UI mainly).

You should add a UIPadding to the textboxes and buttons, and you should probably change the text colour for this:


It can be hard to read for some people.

Also, can we have a plugin marketplace version so Roblox can manage updates

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such a small but useful plugin, i can’t lie. this has made my life a LOT easier!

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Alright, now making an update to this plugin, adding padding and putting it in plugin marketplace

StairMaker - Roblox new small update

tried to pad it more, and changed the textcolor to white.

bug fix: Fixed the bug where it keeps creating folders in currentcamera. remove all of these folders and restart the plugin; we also added a basepart check.