Stalkalek : SA [ CHANGE LOGS ]

Stalkalek : SA Changelogs


Version 4.0


  • Updated the Gun Kits and (almost) all weapons!
  • Camera Shake if close to explosion radius
  • Camera attached to head
  • New crouching [ PRESS C TO CROUCH ]
  • Changed player’s hurt and death sound effects
  • New first person camera
  • New Menu UI
  • New headlook following mouse/camera movement (Same thing but can be seen by all players) [ Script made by Rawblocky ]
  • You can see your legs in first person
  • New ragdoll death
  • New UI stuff when entering in water [ Sound reverb
  • Chances of 1-20 to get knocked out for a few seconds by damage


  • Fixed ragdoll trying to break joints [ Due to blast radius or script ]
  • Fixed fall damage sound effect delay
  • Very few changes to Map1 (default map)
  • Fixed double damage from guns due to server lag (?)
  • Changed lighting technology from Legacy to Voxel because of roblox removing Legacy lighting from their engine ( i don’t like Compatibility, honestly ) and made few changes to game lighting


  • Removed the Dual Uzi [WEAPON]
    lol rip Uzi
  • Removed arms following mouse/camera movement

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