Standing on moving part not working

what i wanted to achieve:

what i got:

i copied the exact same code from the tutorial Jailbreak train platform system? but it doesnt work at all, could it be because its a serverscript?

Try also moving the player’s HumanoidRootPart aswell.
Another solution to this would be to add invisible walls around the platform, union it, then move that union.

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Are you using physics to move the part or direct manipulation?
A character following the part on contact requires physics.

i move the platform by using part.CFrame = part.CFrame *,0,0), is that the reason? it needs to be a bodymover?

CFrame setting ignores physics resolution so the part moving will not directly affect anything that was touching it.
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This needs to be placed inside of the starter character and starter player scripts.

it also needs to be a local script for it to work. Why? Because you are controlling each individual players position from their client, not the server. The server has way too much latency in order for that to work.

Also make sure your parts are being CFramed.