Stange Stretched Texture Bug

So I have these flowerbeds in my game’s hub, and they have shown up fine since I added them up until a week ago. On Xbox (and possibly other devices), the flowerbeds are all like this 100% of the time:

However, on PC, they always look like they should:

MeshId: 430327350 (This is at transparency 1)
Texture: 625480323 (This is a decal on the top face)

Try the mesh and texture on devices other than a PC and see what you get. It’s showing up stretched for all Xbox players on my game.

Here’s the game I had this happen to me in for testing purposes:


Got this issue too for a few users (also with a mesh + decal on top). Not sure what actually causes it though, but it seems like it also happens on certain computers.

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