STAR SORORITY March 8th Update!

Wooohooo!!! The biggest Star Sorority update of the year (so far!)

Here’s what it includes…

New Hairstyles
(Literally sooooo many new options to chose from… Including some new short boy styles!)

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New Headpieces
(Several Hijabs have been incorporated into the game as apart of an initiative I am taking to introduce more inclusive elements to the game by shining visibility on different kinds of backgrounds!)

New Earrings
(Two of them are kinda expensive, but they are super sparkly! One of them is a cute bunny earring)

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New Masks
(A smooth style mask & a spiked style mask, both available in the glasses category)

New Purses
(A simple geometric styled purse that is for free, available in the Neck Piece category)

New Chanel Choker
(A neon Chanel choker that glows! Available in the Nkec Piece Category)

New Dad Hat
(A pretty dapper dad hat which your dad probably wore while fishing or something… But you will use it for fashion! Available in hats category.)

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Wishing Pond
(Introducing the WISHING POND!)

The wishing pond is an all new system added to Star Sorority which allows you to read stories written by PRINCE_STARRR, and then get a chance to throw in some coins into the pond in hopes for a reward… Rewards include a brand new MYSTICAL RAINBOW SWIRLING HALO… & 5 new Gear sets to collect & mismatch with! You also get a chance to win some coins as well…

To Begin,
Head over to the Lonely Pond by either Teleporting using the teleporter gui or walking outside and to the back portion of the sorority.
Stand on the bridge and you will be given a story to read!
After finishing your story, you will be asked to put in a certain amount of coins…
You will either lose! :frowning: or WIN! :smile:

Cleaning Minigame
(Operation Clean Up!)
Because of how popular Star Sorority has become in the last few months, the maids are SUPER tired of cleaning up after you guys!! Help them out by cleaning up garbage around the game and in exchange you can win some coins!

To Begin,
Click any garbage in the game (there are three tiers, a purple, pink, and blue garbage)…
This will teleport you to a magical broom which will help you clean up the garbage…
Click & Hold the garbage you wish to clean…
And Voila! You win coins & help the maids relax a little bit :smile:

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Achievements System
In correspondence with the new Wishing Pond & Cleaning Mini-game, doing certain tasks will reward you with achievements which can give you extra coins as a reward for completing them!
To see the achievements board, you have to either be at the wishing pond, OR be cleaning.

New St. Patricks Day Accessories
(Luck of the irish!)
A new leprechaun hat, leprechauns pot o gold purse, & mystical swirling halo (won from the wishing pond) are available for a limited time during the month of March! Get them while you can :rainbow: :four_leaf_clover:

There is also a new St Patricks Day clothing tab which will be updated throughout the month with new clothing.

New Star Sorority Uniforms Available by JinxyJill!
Femme : Top | Bottom
Masculine : Top | Bottom

New Poses have been added to the Emote category titled “Pretty Pose __”… They are super cute! There is also a new “Doll Assembly” Pose & a “Magical Meditation” Pose!

Student Dorm Rooms, Student Dorm Closets, Sorority Bathroom, Headmasters Office, Grand Staircase Area, & Lonely Pond have all been redecorated to look much more prettier! Enjoy!

Your seat will no longer drag with you when you teleport to other places, which often caused players to get stuck or seats to not work anymore.
Items should now properly load in the Wardrobe System the first time
The game thumbnail has been changed
New makeup has been added to Antilique, Mugalo, Mockeri, Kawaii, Caskyy, Witchlynch, & LapzNetG designer tabs
Two new designers have been added, DaintyAIien & Taegrayi

Enjoy! Check it out here;


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