Star Sorority Update March 17th

Yay! New Update

This update includes…

4 New Costume sets into the wishing pond!

Royal Queen set - Mermaid Gown (Skirt), Crown (Hat), Shawl (Neck Piece)
Digital Artist set - Hair, Face Mask (Glasses), Spray Paint (Bracelet)
Ballet Princess set - Tiara (Hat), Tutu (Skirt), Ballet Heels
Miss Unicornia set - Unicorn Horn (Hat), Unicorn Wings (Neck Piece), Unicorn Ring, Unicorn Sneakers

Special Thank you to Yozoh for the wonderful new Heels!

3 New special halos have been added including the Dual Halo, the Dual Rainbow Halo, and the new Yellow Angel Halo.


New Makeup by Vex_SV

There has also been some bug fixes at the pond which should clear up past issues.

  • Coins should now be taken away at the correct amount
  • You can now only throw a minimum of 21 coins into the pond
  • Achievement systems should not stick on screen after you are done with pond
  • Percentage of winnings has been tweaked
  • Spelling mistakes have been corrected


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