Star Wars GFX

Just wondering where I can improve.
Any feedback is appreciated!

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What part in Star Wars did this take place? I’m seeing an AT-AT with a republican gun ship and some troopers (idk which type) on Hoth? Please specify.

Well, I wasn’t going for a specific battle, just a general fight. But it does correlate to the Battle of Jabiim.


The GFX looks pretty good; I have a few recommendations since you are requesting them;

  • Replace the AT-AT in the background, as from the looks of it, this is a Clone Wars era GFX, and the AT-AT’s are from the Imperial era. If you are looking for a replacement, you can use an AT-TE? (Just a suggestion for the replacement)

  • Add in some blaster-fire going past the Clone Troopers, and in the part by the (presumably dead) Clone Trooper, add some smoke coming up, as it’d make it look better in my opinion. (Also maybe some slight clouds)

Looks pretty good so far though, keep it up. :+1:



Looks adequate I suppose, but the guns appear a bit weird and maybe add more reflections to the troopers

Well honestly, this is very nice Gfx just some tips from me.

Terrain vs Sky looks very off maybe try to blend it in more?

Terrain looks like foil, I don’t know if you intended that but yeah.

Otherwise, very nice gfx!