"Star Wars: Lightsaber Battles" by Serphos Remake

Recently, Serphos’ game “Star Wars: Lightsaber Battles” was set to private and seemingly shut down for good. The game had a pretty strong community (one of which I was a part of) and had not recieved an update or bug fixes in years. After the shut down I decided I would remake the game, as I had already been creating my own lightsaber system inspired from the game.
I present Lightsaber Battles Remastered

After working on the game for some time, the game has come much further than a remaster and is now a full remake. The game is now on the 4.0.2 version, which has included numerous features on top of the prvious ones. The game has been expanded upon so much that the comparison between the original and this game is almost unrecognizable. Numerous updates after this are planned for the game.

Now this is a remaster, not a remake. What’s added?
What’s in the remake so far?

New lightsaber form (Niman)
Heavy Balancing on the forms
Combat changes and new mechanics added to the base system
Improved upon animations
Double-Bladed Lightsaber available and updated
Two brand new unlockable sabers along with a new gamepass sabers (5 available sabers in-game so far)
Improved GUI
Xbox Compatible
Newer improved upon map
Four new and improved maps to choose from (Mustafar, Tatooine, Dagobah, Ilum)
Better balanced hitboxes
New Lightsaber hilts
Ragdoll on death and limb loss/kill effects
More Colors
Color Saving
A Camera Mode (Take pictures with the lightsabers!)
First Person Mode
Community tournaments (Findable on the Main Menu)
Buffs/Debuffs/Form enhancements on each saber, adding an extra layer of strategy.
Music (Togglable)
In-game Tips Gui (Togglable)
Ambience (Togglable)
Bug Fixes

Coming soon

Community Group support
5 New sabers

Why did I make this?
I loved the game, I played it almost every day from late 2017 / early 2018 up until its shutdown. I wanted to make something for the community to live on in, and something for people to experience that same amazing experience I had when I first made the game. I also wanted to give the community some of the stuff they had been wanting for years, so I decided that’s what I would do.
I’m planning on adding dual wielding lightsabers and an option for a “Classic” GUI with recreations of the original GUI.

I decided to expand upon the remaster even further, I knew I could add even more to this for everyone and it didn’t feel right to leave it at “Welp here you go, remake of the classic map and the old sabers and such, and im not gonna update it past this”. I knew I could do better and I had so many ideas that the community would love, which is exactly what I am adding

Some Screenshots of the game:


This game is nothing like LSBII, another popular game by Serphos under the “Lightsaber battles” name. LSBII is a vastly different system to LSB 1, both gameplay and design wise.


Just epic!! I checked out the game, and it is awesome, but how do I get force powers?


There are no force powers in game. I decided to have the game be completed melee-focused combat for multiple reasons, but also to stay true to the original game.