[Star Wars] Looking to fill a Development Team

Greetings! Names Galactic_Palpatine, might be a little of a throw off since I haven’t had my Dev forum profile switched to my new account but moving onwards!

I’m currently working on a very large scale Star Wars project, built on the idea of creating one of the most emulated feel of the Star Wars universe right on Roblox, I didn’t think at first I would even conjure up anyone who would fund such a project as its not a very easy feat to take up.

What I need
I currently am stuck doing all the building on this project, I wish it was that easy for me to do all of this but it’s sadly very time consuming and draining on my mental attitude. So I’ve decided to hire people!

I currently need as bulleted below…

•3D Modelers

The Build

I currently only need help building the metropolis Coruscant, “The whole planet’s one big city!”. Obviously it’s impossible to build the whole thing so we’ve decided to split it into four sectors of importance and purpose. Each area will have resource photos to help with the building process.

Obviously I gotta pay you fellas, can’t expect all work and no pay. So here’s what I’ve decided, if the project interests you, contact me through one of my contact resources and we can work out a good price for us to work around.

Well, thats all from me! If you would like to hire me to help with your project, please DM me or reach me in these ways:

Discord: The Emperor#6863
Roblox: Galactic_Palpatine
Dev Forums: @Galactic_Pestage

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LOL that’s never been an issue whatsoever to any of the other groups who have fed off that. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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do you need gfx at some point :smiley:

Yes I do!

You should hit me up when you do: FedoraGFX#0215

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i 3d model,

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Discord? Or add mine The Emperor#6863

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