Star Wars Map Maker [100+ USD]

Hello, Looking for a map builder/modeler/terrain who can pull off a star wars lava based map, Planet known as Sullust, (Star wars planet) there are tons of images on the internet for reference, I can provide you with tons of reference photos to show what part of the planet I want done. Please DM me via Discord at Juzza#0001


Not a builder but I really suggest adding more details to your post here. Right now all it says is that you need a Star Wars map, it doesn’t show payment, due date, or even any details about the project like what is the style of the map, how much do you have to build, etc.

I really think you should consider these factors before making a post next time and I also suggest using the format given when posting instead of just deleting it and making your own quick summary.


I said to DM me on discord for all the details, and the price is in the title, 100 USD +

Still, people want to know the details before DMing you. Nobody wants to DM you and waste their time if they don’t want to do what you say there, people would much rather read it off of dev forum quickly before DMing you to see if they’re interested.

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Okay, I didn’t ask you to respond to this forum, you’re wasting my time.

I’m just trying to help, it’s an open forum, of course you didn’t ask.

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Okay thanks for “help”, forgot to mention in the title I might need a builder/modeler so.

I’m just a modeler, not a builder, if you want to hire me you can’t hack out my portfolio here: Portfolio

Then you can DM me on discord if you want to: ZackDaBoi#0001

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interested, please contact me


here’s my portfolio aswell, everything imporant is provided here

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