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About Us

We are creating a star wars Border Roleplay game, although not heavily focused on the border. Although currently looking for a modeler, positions for a scripter and possibly animator will be looked at in the future. If you can do both modelling and scripting, or modelling scripting and animations you will be compensated.

The Team
@Tickosi - Project Lead, Owner
@HybridIV - Builder, Environment and Modelling
@You - Modelling

About The Job

We are looking for someone to create a large amount of character models related to various divisions you can find in The Galactic Empire. We would also like gun models and a TIE Fighter/Speeder model. Previous experience modelling for Star Wars is required and Iā€™d love to see some of your past work.

Please do not contact us if you have homework taking up the entirety of your day/school in general or work the majority of the week.


Payment is either USD through PayPal or Robux through a gift card. Exact payment varies dependent on skill level and effort. See below for details.

Character Model: $5-$15
Edits: $2.50-$5
Minor Edits: $0.50-$2
Weapons: $5-10
TIE Fighter: $5-$25
Speeder: $5-$25
Rooms/builds: $5-$25

Contact Us

You must have Discord to apply. Add me Tickosi#0008 or HybridIV#3328.

You may also join the Discord then contact us if you please-

Thanks for reading, really! :slight_smile:

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