[Star Wars] Republic Intelligence First Thumbnail

A Republic Intelligence scene I’ve been working on since yesterday. This is my first thumbnail and would love to have some feedback!
Yours sincerely,
Wolfyyy :wolf:


VERY good thumnail, better than anything I can do

the only issue I have is that the words are a little bit hard to see (republic intelligence)

Other than that, It is a good thumbnail, it clearly tells me they are in a ship in space

I would give a 10/10 once the words are fixed
7 :money_with_wings:

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Dude, this is really good! It all fits very well and looks sick to play. Great job! 10/10 from me as well! :tada:

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Thanks, yeah lol I not exactly a beast at text :rofl:

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Thank you!!! If you ever want to learn how to make like this you can add me on discord KingWolf#0341

Oh thanks, I might later lol. I just wonder how everyone gets avatars on there.

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It’s nice, the scene is well the characters, maybe add a bit more lighting, and the other thing would be editing the gfx after it’s done. I other than than that it’s nice

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After a while I decided to edit it again since I got a bit better


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