Star Wars: Terminus - how will this game do?

How do you guys think this game will go? It’s called Star Wars: Terminus.


So you basically get to choose whether you want to be light, or dark (teams) and you then spawn on one of the many different planets(we are aiming to add most of the planets from Star Wars) then you have to fight the opposite side with lightsabers, through space battles, blaster battles and you can do force lightning, things like that. Whenever you defeat someone, do a quest or things like that you get Credits and with these credits you get to buy different characters, weapons and ships. So far, that’s about all.
Thanks for reading

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That poll above is the rating of the game idea.
How much players do you think it will get playing per hour?

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Thanks guys

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Also if you do not like the game idea what can I do to improve it?

If you post some images/videos of game play, we can give a more accurate rate. Do note that rates are subjective though.

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There are too many star wars games in Roblox already, most players would consider it a rip off.

Are you far enough into development to be realistically thinking about this as in-depth as you are? Speculating before development is good so that you don’t make a blatantly bad game, but thinking about statistics as much as you are before development is detrimental.

Don’t worry about what you think player counts will be. Make your game as well as you can, then think about this later in development.

Besides, it’s very hard to project these sorts of things based on just an idea.


Thingss like advertising and marketing your game tend to be more influential on its success than simply what it’s about or the idea.

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The game’s concept is only 30% of the battle in terms of popularity. If you can’t market your game, no one will play it.

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