Star Wars X-Wing Help

I trying to make X-Wing but i dont know how can i make it can flyable
I want make it with VehicleSeat


If you are wanting to make a flight system on your own, this is how I would do it:
I would insert a seat and position it to the cockpit. I would recommend making a small replica of the plane first and not directly using the X-Wing model, what I mean is, just make a simple platform and put a vehicle seat on it and script the system on that simple replica you have first, so its easy to manage.

I would weld everything together so that it holds, then start with the scripting part, we’ll need a lot of work on the client side, I would recommend using mouse position to rotate the plane relatively. Use UserInputService and remote events/functions for the mechanics of the plane, so that you actually make it fly on the server. I would use TweenService a lot for the mechanics, or just Lerp it in a smooth way.

I advice you to research, find the best way, and just keep trying. (its really important for you to know how to script cause we can’t just give you the whole code and instructions on the dev forum, we can help you with any issues tho.)
Good luck!! great model you got there.


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