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About Me

Hello Developers :grin:! I recently started work on GFX designing, logo designing, and I would be okay to share and sell my artwork (At the moment only for Robux virtual currency.) As I mentioned above, I recently started work. I am very new to this so support would be appreciated. :grin: I also LOVE modeling low poly terrain and trees.

(I have around 1 year of experience with all this!)


I have some artwork to show you below, and you can see if you’d be interested in any. (I am fairly new to this so I don’t have that much of it)
(More are coming!) :arrow_down:

Listed here are some screenshots of my work

(This is one of my very first GFX. Don’t expect it to be amazing!) (Made with Blender) (WATERMARKED)

Logo Example

Low poly pine tree! (I accidentally selected it when taking a screenshot of it. :shock:)
Pine tree
Low poly tree tree! (Normal tree, not a pine tree)
All year round!


I am not available at all on week days due to school. On the weekends, I am able to work for around 2h on Saturday and 2h on a Sunday. My time zone is BST.


  • I have FULL right to cancel any order
  • No abusive language or actions towards me.
  • I will only send the image to you once I have received the payment. (Do not panic if it doesn’t go through straight away. I also might not get back to you instantly.)
  • No stealing - I will watermark ALL of my artwork, unless bought.
  • If you buy it, I will send you a non-watermarked version.
  • You can rely on me! - I will not scam you for money or Robux.
  • Only the Dev Forum messaging to communicate with me.

I WILL ONLY SEND IT TO YOU IF YOU HAVE READ THE WHOLE OF THIS TOS AND PORTFOLIO. :arrow_up: (Include that you have read this in the message.)

Extra info

If you want a game logo done for you, ask me in the message. You need to include this information :arrow_down:

  • The name of the logo
  • Main colours of the logo
  • Style of game - for example, Tropical, Dangerous, Fire, Water.
  • How many Robux you are offering. (I can decline, accept or counter the offer)


Prices are negotiable. (give a reasonable price (Think about what the image/artwork/UI is actually worth)). I will be only accepting :robux_gold: (Robux) at the moment. I would like to be paid per image/artwork/UI/model etc…


You can contact me via Developer Forum. This is the only way I want to be contacted.
Edit: If you want low poly terrain done, invite me to work on the ROBLOX Talent Hub! Here is my page: My Creator Page - Talent Hub (

Thank you and message me via Dev Forum if you’re interested in ordering my products! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

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