Staring with a new game. What's your opinion?

Inspired by another dev, at this stage I decided to start a dev logging my game and get some feedback :slight_smile:

I was looking for an interesting but, also fun game idea for a very long time. Finally, I found one.
The game will be a multiplayer robbery game where the main objective is to steal a special thing. During the game, players can also steal other smaller things to get more points.
More about the game in the future devlogs

Because of that I like making something done in good quality, the game will have perfect animations, great 3d models, and high-resolution textures that will be 100% custom (not using Roblox textures) which in my opinion will make the game more outstanding. :dizzy:

Map is in a very early stage so you can see a lot of imperfections and empty spaces.

Thing is that the style is an old castle + modern museum. I’m not sure I’ve chosen the right one for this type of game.
What do you think?

  • Keep the style. It’s cool :slight_smile:
  • Modern style
  • Just more modernity

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The second pool is about paintings and other stuff to steal. :moneybag:
I thought that it would be very cool, to enable the community to select or make their own paintings and items that will be a part of the game as a robbery target. What do you think?

  • Good idea.
  • Better not.

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It’s not too much about the game itself but I will show more photos and tell more about the gameplay in the next posts so, if you’re interested you can bookmark and like this post :smiley:

If you have any questions or feedback, I’m ready to answer them :troll:


Seems like it could be abused by trollers.

Of course, only a few selected ones will be accepted and added to the game :white_check_mark:

I would make an art event in Discord (Asking artists if they want to add the images).


Not a bad idea just make sure your game is unique but also functional

Not the most original idea but it’s not bad at all. As long as you make your game unique, it could succeed. About the community making paintings. I would have them join a community discord or pay robux. (Although robux couldn’t always stop them from making inappropriate images, it will stop most.)

Similarly, you could have a system where in-game players can report inappropriate paintings to the discord so they can be reviewed. If it’s a false report, the player could then just be banned. (Similar to what Roblox Got Talent did with their game)

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Roblox is known for being open. A reason why I love it. After all, sandboxes are free, you can’t control it, especially if there’s a lot of creations.

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You still have to try by all means available, there is still children playing the games and you have to atleast put the standards into a row that will allow the children to play peacefully


Try, make the players think you tried, but knowing that it won’t work. I WOULD, but I know it would be impossible.