Starlit Set! RobloxUGC




What do you think?
I will be adding more, so go down and click the bell and click Watching!

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looks adorable but how would it look well being worn? Im imagining its sort of a hat that has the players head inside or goes on top of the head?

I was thinking of backpack item

Then I would add something for the tree, like a little island or maybe instead of a tree a rocket ship, just seems a little weird to have this space theme and then a random tree floating there

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Nice! I Like The Stars. :star2:

But yeah, Thank you for reading this. have a nice day! :happy3:

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I did what you said! I gotta say, it looks much better now. :smile:

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I like the design! (Especially the design of the wings.)

I will definitely check up on this thread every now and then to see your progress.

Best of luck!

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