Starscape Changelog (Alpha v3)

This is the official changelog for the Alpha v3 update of the game Starscape.

Converted character to R15
Integrated with Roblox’s new Voxel lighting

Added smoke, poison, and explosive grenades
Added warp disruption field generators
Added flying backwards (very slowly)
Added new temporary space events (currently only wave-based drone fleet combat)
Added consumable player and ship buff items
Added fourth equip slot
Added two LE ship symbols for alpha testers
Added four different types of station marketplaces
Added deployable space mines
Added out-of-map GUI to display your current destination and route
Added visual trackers for neighboring star systems
Added the ability to name ships
Added three combat music tracks and one new ambient track

Improved NPC AI (marginally)
Improved character creation options
Improved weapon animations

Changed market GUI so that items too expensive to purchase will be greyed out
Changed standard reset to work with game systems

Numerous bug fixes and small improvements


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