Starship Roleplay - Update Log


Used to keep track of recent SSRP updates.


2020 Update Logs (Click to expand)


  • security office added! now contains brig, TO office, equipment room, armory, and interrogation
  • old brig replaced with gymnasium (treadmills don’t work yet q.q)
  • other improvements to database and security


  • added new admiral role for potential whitelisting ( dont ask for it, and dont ask how to get it )
  • uniform development in progress
  • expanded one of the quarters rooms
  • little trinkets and adjustments
  • bugfixes (crashing bug is still there)


  • new officer uniforms! check them out ingame or buy them in RTE’s group store


  • bridge update! outer consoles are now turned towards the front, three new stations added, other improvements
  • addition of a new Combat Information Center (CiC) where the big, dangerous, two story overlook used to be. I know this is controversial, so let me know if you’d like it reverted.
  • MASSIVE LIGHTING OPTIMIZATION so that SSRP runs much, much more smoothly than before


  • engineering office added! new room and locker area for engineers to mingle in
  • miscellaneous tweaks to other areas of the ship
  • atmospherics development is now in progress (right side of where the computer core used to be)
  • CiC removed


  • added FO quarters!
  • other tweaks n fixes
  • some stuff removed for optimization


  • added shuttlebay lounge
  • tweaks and fixes
  • optimization


  • added service and maintenance area
    – added laundry room
    – added broom closet
  • optimization and lighting tweaks


  • the AE9 has been added to the store and is available for R$20
  • patched a bunch of holes in the ship so it’s now structurally sound


  • new CIC (combat information center)! found at the back of deck 4, it also can double as the flag bridge for an admiral
  • looots of exploit patches
  • tweaks, fixes, etc etc
  • plastered the SDC logo onto a bunch more spaces to clearly REMIND everyone what organization they actually work for


  • new gun available in new servers for 50 robux. The ACL-11 , an advanced compact laser handgun
  • other tweaks and fixes


  • Yet another new gun is on the market for R$60 or 600 credits: The M7A3 , an SDC-made 5.56x45mm assault rifle capable of firing in 3-round bursts. Based on the M16 and G36 platforms.
  • Quality of Life updates: RP name and credit balance now have their text scaled so text won’t fall off the labels.
  • Loading screen tweaked to show you whether or not the system is trying to resolve conflicts with the game. Press F9 for details.
  • New lore tab for exploring new and revamped lore to be compatible with the wiki. More coming soon.


  • Large restroom added opposite the service bay.
  • Restroom in medbay replaced with a small morgue.
  • Other minor fixes/tweaks and stuff, as per usual.


  • Laboratory overhaul.
  • Threw some pretty basic trash bins around the map and added a little trash compactor/chute thing in the service bay.
  • Other tweaks and fixes.™️


  • AE9 pistol has been redesigned from the ground-up. Better resembles a pistol now.
  • Crew quarters expanded slightly.
  • Spec Ops variant of the M7A3, the M7AS, is added. Players who are in the Spec Ops or Spec Ops Officer role get access to the M7AS for free; they do not need to own the M7A3 pass.
  • RSG-12 shotgun redesigned as well.
  • Minor changes to the brig room; ceilings were raised and doors now open in the right direction.
  • Patched sound issues in admin-initiated events.
  • Other tweaks.


  • New Custodian role, designed to function as a steward and as a janitor, chef, or general serviceman.
  • New enlisted uniforms are available for the Crewman, Custodian, Engineer and Security roles.
  • Added a slide release lever to the AE9.


  • Restroom modified slightly, new props added.
  • The kitchen was updated. Now has more tools and trinkets.


  • Added a new section at the end of the hallway on deck 2, containing the courtroom and the SEA’s office. SEA role will be added in a few days.
  • Overhauled gun sounds for the RV-94, DMR-225 and RSG-12. they sound a lot more like guns now, if they hadn’t already.
  • Other tweaks.


  • Added briefing room in SEA Office/Courtroom hallway.
  • Removed the ability to ‘aim’ with guns so people will finally stop breaking the chairs.


  • Patched a few exploit vulnerabilities in the code
  • Pulse function on the assault dominator in private servers no longer deletes parts. no secrets for you


  • Released a pretty minor update that should make servers run smoother. If you notice less lag with the doors opening/closing and whatnot this is why.


  • Shuttle increased in size.
  • Added a new planet to the game.

MAY 1:

  • The planet is now visible from the Emissary.
  • Jittering issue with morphs/guns/whatever while on the planet fixed.

MAY 2:

  • Changes made to the shuttle bay in preparation for exploration roles.
  • Other minor fixes/tweaks.
  • Updated once again, added alarms lights to the shuttle bay and a small area for marines/spec ops to reinforce the idea that both roles are primarily there to deal with external threats.

MAY 3:

  • Exploration department added. This consists of the Explorer, an NCO rated at PO3 (equivalent to Corporal), and the Pathfinder, an officer graded at Lieutenant (O-3), with a price of R$175 (1800CR).
    – Both roles have new suits based upon the bubble-head Marine suit and are EVA capable.
  • Disabled forcefields upon spawning.
  • Further reworks to the shuttle bay.
  • Added new SEAs into the whitelist.

MAY 5:

  • Fixed depth-of-field issues in new servers.

MAY 18:

  • All officers now get access to the telescopic baton.
  • Security have access to a stun baton for takedowns.

JUNE 10:

  • Fixed some incorrect door labels.
  • Fixes to the baton tools.
  • Increased the amount of users required to block someone in order for them to be kicked to account for the Emissary’s much larger server size compared to the Escapade.


  • Some very minor changes to both the morgue and briefing room.

JULY 20:

  • Implemented new uniforms for enlisted personnel + MaO and SOO.


  • Robotics area added in engineering courtesy of ImSinfullyFrosty.
  • Other minor changes, such as fixing a bunch of weird parts that were clipping through the ceiling of the cargo bay.



  • Generation 4 officer uniforms released.
  • Some other minor changes as per usual.


  • Small quality of life changes. Character name limit increased to 25, intercom text limit increased to 250.
  • Improved shuttle transition when visiting/leaving the planet.
  • Other minor changes/bugfixes. Resetting and then hitting the teleporter to Avalon no longer breaks your lighting.
  • Secret dev room added.


  • Fixed an issue with the Crew tab not updating properly when players disconnected from the game. - Fixed a bug that allowed players to use the shuttle transition-teleport to break the seating in the spawn-lounge area.

v.717 AUGUST 24:

  • Fixed an issue where names with more than 20 characters would not appear for other players.
  • Added a version display in-game.
  • Role limits no longer apply to admins.
  • Tweaked a few background sounds.
  • Patched an issue regarding a stray text box.

v.725 AUGUST 28:

  • Added a chime to the intercom. The intercom buffer between messages showing on the screen has been increased as a result.
  • Added new jacket-less service uniforms, suitable for a more casual appearance such as when you’re in your office or somewhere else that doesn’t warrant the coat. Available for all officers and is based on RANK rather than role (this means that all officers graded O-3 will share the same uniform).
  • Other tweaks and fixes. Unintentionally added a new loading screen status message.

v.728 - AUGUST 28:

  • Temporarily partially rolled back the previous update in order to deal with a bug that prevented user names/bios from updating.

v.780 - SEPTEMBER 5:

  • Changes to the bridge.
  • Changes to the shuttle control room.

v.866 - OCTOBER 14:

  • Avalon has been temporarily updated for the month of October in the spirit of Halloween.
  • Shift lock key changed to control, shift lock, and sprint are now bound to two separate keys.
  • Fixed an issue relating to the version display showing NIL.

v.875 - OCTOBER 26:

  • Medical Officer renamed to Chief Medical Officer (CMO).
  • Tactical Officer renamed to Chief of Security (COS/CoS).
  • Engineering Officer renamed to Chief Engineer (CE).

v.915 - NOVEMBER 22:

  • Avalon has been updated to a winter theme. Check it out.
  • R405 released. Available for 700 CR / R$70.
  • Tweaks and fixes.

v.976 - DECEMBER 16:

  • Customization system added. You can now insert custom accessories/shirts/pants/faces by ID with support for custom textures. Thank ImSinfullyFrosty.
  • Performance increases/optimization.
  • Minor changes to deck 3 hallway, service area, and engine room.

v.1137 - DECEMBER 23:

  • New rooms!
    – Hydroponics, replacing the courtroom.
    – Library, expanding on the left side of a new hallway where the SEA’s office is.
    – SEA’s office moved around a bit to make room for the hallway. It’s still the same size.
    – A bathroom in the hallway.

  • Cargo update:
    – Cargo bay revamped. Now with:
    – A crane
    – A quartermaster’s office
    – A lift (non-functional for now)
    – Revamped catwalks

  • Tweaks and fixes, the usual.

v.1388 - DECEMBER 30:

  • Door rework, new smoother door system that utilizes proximity prompts. Thanks, Dudblockman.
  • New shuttle to Avalon, the Zephyr, courtesy of Maxii_ne.
  • Player collisions disabled.
  • The usual bug-fixes and performance increases/optimizations.

v.1407 - DECEMBER 31:

  • In-game info tab replaced with a ‘rules’ tab. You can now view SSRP’s rules in-game.
  • Announcement chime added, announcement cooldown increased.
  • Door prompts edited, made smaller and slightly more transparent.
  • More bugfixes.


2021 Update Logs (Click to expand)

v.1409 - JANUARY 2:

  • NEW Gen 4.5 uniforms released for enlisted personnel.
    • New Marine camouflage uniforms better suited for Avalon.
  • NEW Cargo Technician role, and its associated Quartermaster officer, available for R$175.

v.1420 - JANUARY 3:

  • New Robot suit available for 2200CR/R$200, made by ImSinfullyFrosty. Available in new servers only.
  • Reduced Zephyr door hold timer from 1 second to 0.2 seconds.
  • Renamed ‘Pathfinder’ to ‘Chief Explorer’.
    Known issue: We are aware that the feet clip through the ground. It’s an issue with rigging and I’ll be working to see if it can be touched up in the near future.

v.1432 - JANUARY 11:

  • Fixed Chief Explorer suit not working in the Avatar menu.

v.1495 - JANUARY 22:

  • Small update to the brig and quarantine cells to make the windows a little easier to see (and roleplay) through. - Added a small hydroponics tray to the lab for xenoflora.
  • Fixed some incorrect door labels.

v.1587 - JANUARY 30:

  • Coffee machine added to bridge along with a small seating layout change.
  • There’s also a forensics room in security.
  • Medbay changes.
  • Forensics room redone.
  • Gym expanded.

v.1731 - MARCH 17:

  • New weapon released, the P27A, a 10mm compact pistol.
  • Some changes to robotics.
  • Other minor adjustments and fixes.

v.1811 - APRIL 14:

  • Prefabricated buildings are now present in Avalon. One habitat module and one research module are currently implemented.
  • Backend tweaks. Red alert has been fixed.

v.2000 - JUNE 18:

  • New gunnery control areas added outside engineering in preparation for gunner roles. (soon)
  • Spec Ops now have their own equipment room inside the brig/security office.
  • Service bay changes.
  • Some other tweaks/small additions to things like lighting, performance, the Zephyr, and the habitat buildings on Avalon.

v.2038 - JUNE 22:

  • Bio update. Bios now support rich text. Character limit has been doubled to 1000 characters.
  • Bios now scroll to accomodate the extra characters.
  • HUD visual updates.
  • Other tweaks.

v.2185 - JULY 5:

  • Shuttle bay revamped.
  • Some adjustments were made to the gunnery areas.
  • Gunner roles were added last week, though it seems we forgot to mention it in the changelog.
  • Brig reception area added to security.

v.2269 - JULY 11:

  • Avalon’s caves have been expanded.
  • Fixed the gunner/gunnery officer suits not working properly.
  • Fixed lockdown command not working properly.

v.2416 - SEPTEMBER 27:

  • Avalon has been updated, courtesy of KineticKryto. The planet’s forest is now significantly thicker and lusher.
  • Resetting is no longer disabled on Avalon.

v.2464 - OCTOBER 7:

  • Lore tab revamped. Now much nicer and features even more lore for that sweet sweet worldbuilding.

v.2526 - OCTOBER 9:

  • Resetting has once again been disabled on Avalon due to a lighting error.
  • More error reporting. SSRP will now inform you ingame if the game has encountered an error so you can screenshot the debug log and report it to a dev.
  • The Captain’s quarters has been completely revamped.
  • Couches and armchairs across the Emissary have received a facelift.
  • Minor changes to the Officer’s quarters.
  • Other backend changes including code cleanup.

v.2606 - OCTOBER 11:

  • New engineering/cargo habitat added to the Avalon base.
  • Ambient lighting tweaks done to Avalon, chat should be easier to read now.
  • Changes to crystal & tree lighting, added more vegetation.
  • Added a mining station deep in the caves.
  • Replaced the ladder platform with a proper cargo lift (doesn’t work :dhusive: )
  • Added a water pump/filter for the base’s plumbing.
  • Added turrets around the map.
  • First Officer’s quarters has been revamped.
  • Seating position adjustments have been made to the sofas/armchairs.

v.2671 - OCTOBER 14:

  • New bubble chat system.
  • The Combat Information Center (CIC) has been revamped.
  • The old exam room in the medbay has been split into two. They are now the ‘medical laboratory’ and ‘exam room’.
  • The surgical lights in the operating room, morgue and laboratory are now toggled with E instead of clicking.
  • Added a debounce to the surgical lights and beds in the medbay to prevent abuse.

v.2694 - OCTOBER 15:

  • The bubble chat system has been reverted to the legacy version due to compatibility issues with the blocking system. However, it has been re-formatted to modernize it in accordance with a recent poll (see polls).
  • Fixed an issue where the surgical lights would play the click sound server-wide instead of locally.

v.2769 - OCTOBER 18:

  • Zephyr reworked from the ground up. Now ACTUALLY FITS within the shuttlebay. Pics in snapshots.
  • Removed a few rogue models.
  • Misc tweaks.

v.2888 - OCTOBER 28:

  • Deck 4 has been completely reworked. New additions include officer staterooms, officer’s mess hall and officer’s rec room.
  • Added a swimming pool and locker room on Deck 2; this can be located adjacent to the gymnasium.
  • Added Herobrine.
  • Other tweaks and fixes.

v.2913 - OCTOBER 29:

  1. A bunch of very small tweaks and dumb stuff which I’m listing below. - Audio on Avalon sounds much nicer- done in preparation for a larger Avalon-related update. - The ‘:lockdown’ command now locks down the Zephyr. - The proximity prompt on the Zephyr to travel to/from Avalon can no longer be blocked by other players standing in front of it. - Trash bins.

v. 2966 - NOVEMBER 1:

  • The lounge has been overhauled by RadioactiveDangers.
  • Fixed inconsistent chair collisions.
  • Added lounge music.
  • Fixed some consistency issues with the lounge update.
  • Patched some holes in the floor around the lounge.

v. 3038 - NOVEMBER 6:

  • Added a new area to explore, will be accessible once servers update
  • Sound redesigns to the ambience, courtesy of NotDhu.

v. 3117 - NOVEMBER 14:

  • The medbay has been reworked.
  • General improvements.
  • Polished up Avalon’s lava zone
  • Disabled lights on the old teaser door
  • Fixed the rec room’s missing floor.

v.3135 - NOVEMBER 19:

  • Avalon’s lift is now functional, courtesy of Donaz0.

v. 3145 - NOVEMBER 21:

  • New area opened in the Avalon lava zone.
  • Avalon’s turrets now function and intermittently scan the area.

v. 3194 - NOVEMBER 25:

  • Added functional cargo lift and cargo gate
  • Fixed the CIC center so the chairs actually touch the ground.
  • Added a toggle for weapons with lights (Click Z to toggle on and off)- Added local dice roller to game (Dice Roller can be hidden by right clicking it.)
    If you have any questions, concerns or opinions feel free to DM me them.
    – Dice rolls can in no shape or form be used to choose the outcome of something directly affecting another player without consent. Do not force rolls on others.
    – Having a dice roller in no way obligates you to use it
    – If you cannot handle a bad outcome do not use the dice
    – Have fun

v. 3238 - NOVEMBER 26:

  • Added public dice rolls.
  • Updated gunnery room .
  • Added forklift to the cargo bay.
  • Fixed an issue with reconnecting preventing the player from using the D20.

v.3294 - DECEMBER 1:

  • The emissary has been decorated for the month of December.
  • Fixed some floating presents.

v.3306 - DECEMBER 1:

Tools have been fully rehauled, with a number of changes:

  • Internal improvements, allowing us to bring you new items easier
  • Dominator changes:
    • Both the Dominator and Assault Dominator are now slightly quieter
    • Modes are now cycled in both directions using the [ and ] keys, as opposed to only the \ key
    • New order: Unstun > Stun > Kill > Pulse
    • Stun mode now works differently (and actually works period), freezing the target in place entirely
  • PDA / Radio / Flashlight:
    • A half-second delay has been introduced to hinder tool noise-spamming
  • Batons / Wrench / Knives:
    • Three new animations for swinging
  • ALR-10 / ACL-11:
    • Sound pitches have been reversed
  • Animation Improvements:
    • Tools now actually use Animations
  • The anti-tool-spam rate has been altered
  • Guns that had incorrectly-setup flashlights have been corrected
  • Unrelated to tools: The lights button in the Meeting Room has been moved to the opposite wall to avoid accidental interactions when attempting to exit

v.3326 - DECEMBER 3:

  • Christmas Presents removed.
  • Rewards given out to users who correctly guessed the amount of Christmas presents hidden around the Emissary.


2022 Update Logs (Click to expand)

[All update logs between v.3326 and v.4154 were lost. We apologize for this.]

v.4154 - JUNE 5:

  • Game reopened.
  • Some UI menus were touched up.
  • Bar/lounge area outside of the shuttle bay has been redone.
  • Some changes to the hallway on deck 3. It felt kind of empty so we tried to populate it a bit.
  • Lots of bugfixes and backend changes.
  • Credit purchases have been disabled. Those of you who purchased credits in the past will still have your credits and can purchase stuff with them- you just can’t buy more. All credit exclusive purchases will receive relevant gamepasses soon.

v.4271 - JULY 11

  • Gamepass equivalents to credit purchases have been published to the Emissary game page. They will be effective in servers running build 4271 or later.
  • Hostile role will now receive the VTMP-03 “Boarder” gun. Credits to @NotDhu for implementation.
  • Hostile role price has been raised to R$100 to compensate. Credit price has been adjusted accordingly.
    – Past owners will not need to re-purchase. Congratulations, you get discount gun.

v.4273 - JULY 11

  • Adjustments to new hostile gun. Scaled it down a bit and moved the handle.

v.4307 - JULY 27

  • Added queue system.
    - Actual queue instead of the garbage Roblox request-based “first come first serve” system.
  • Server size has been increased by 2. There are now 2 reserved slots for staff so that moderators are able to respond to tickets faster.
  • If you join a server with more than 60 players, you’ll be put into a queue for that server.

v.4331 - JULY 30

  • Added “Killshot” animation (keybind U).

v.4345 - AUGUST 6

  • Fixed an issue with the ‘security suit B’ helmet being off-center.
  • Fixed an issue with the warp command’s audio not toggling properly after the first use, thanks @Donaz0.

v.4347 - AUGUST 7

  • Fixed an issue with Gunner Suit B not working. Gamepass has been put back on-sale.

v.4353 - AUGUST 11

  • Customization menu UI now scales properly on lower resolution displays such as those on mobile devices.

v.4395 - SEPTEMBER 22

  • Fixed extremely tall bios cutting off due to a scrolling bug.

v.4411 - OCTOBER 16

  • Fixed a bug where characters would not swim properly in the pool.

v.4447 - NOVEMBER 14

  • The floating cube ruin on Avalon is now accessible again.

v.4529 - NOVEMBER 20

  • New cave area added to Avalon, expect this area to be expanded upon a bit more in future updates. You can find it across the bridge at the bottom of the lift.
  • Some new admin commands/tools.

v.4531 - NOVEMBER 21

  • Fixed an issue with the new Avalon area’s lighting being affected by the blackout/dim commands.

v.4547 - DECEMBER 6

  • Added 2 animations (“Crouch Aim” and “Bash”),

v.4556 - DECEMBER 8

  • Added run ([Left Shift] and walk toggle [Left Control].
  • Shift lock changed to [Left Alt] or [Right Control)].

v.4558 - DECEMBER 9

  • Reduced Avalon’s ambient music.

v.4567 - DECEMBER 12

  • Updated the furniture of the mess hall and officer’s mess.

v.4568 - DECEMBER 21

  • Added toggle or hold option to sprint/walk (holding will have you go back to normal on release, tapping will toggle).

v.4581 - DECEMBER 29

  • Fixed the queue system.


v.4596 - JANUARY 1

Remapped keys for convenience:

  • LeftControl - ShiftLock (was Walk Toggle/Hold)
  • Z - Walk Toggle/Hold (was Flashlight)
  • R - Flashlight (was Gundown)
  • G - Gundown (was Unmapped)

v.4612 - JANUARY 28

  • Fixed an issue where the in-game modcall system would become stuck on “Submitting…”

v.4621 - FEBRUARY 1

  • Added security cameras.
  • Temporarily disabled FOV effects whilst sprinting to avoid conflicting with security camera operation.

v.4625 - FEBRUARY 5

  • Fixed an issue where the security camera controls would operate whilst typing in the chat bar.


  • You can now remove EVA spacesuit helmets by pressing “N” on PC.