Start giving immediate strikes for intentional rule breaking

So yesterday I encounter a rather unideal situation where I discussed in DM’s with a user about how his post In discussion was off topic, eventually he admitted it was the wrong category yet still refused to delete / move it because they thought it was important and needed to be discussed.

This is enraging to see, sure accidents happen, in the case of discussion a lot of ‘accidents’ happen, however if users are breaking the rules, and understanding that they are breaking the rules then I don’t think its disputable that that is unacceptable behaviour on every level.

Now I want to be clear to define ‘intentional’ since I feel this is going to be the main cause of debate and opposition to the idea;

‘Intentional’ is when the offender has stated / inferred themselves that they are breaking the rules, it is not when the infraction is so stupid it seems like it has to be intentional.

Now you could argue, well, surely they would just not be so stupid to say they are breaking the rules? While this is possible the types of people making these infractions have most likely not read the rules so I don’t really think this will change anything other then changing their future behaviour.

As usual, quick poll to show opinions:

  • I think users should get strikes for intentionally breaking rules
  • I think users should not get strikes for intentionally breaking rules.

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Being aware of the fact that you are breaking rules or bypassing them is only more motivation to not do that. Support. There is also a bit too much leniency around here which has allowed for tons of bad posts to exist.


This comes back to the idea of enforcement. These strikes can discourage such behavior but since it’s not public, it’s not going to set an example. The current system is way too lax for stopping rulebreakers.

I’m just a little upset that our requests, no matter how much support receive from the majority, never get put into effect or sometimes even into consideration. I’ve only been on the Forum for a year, and the amount it changed especially the posting privileges and the system becoming more and more lax is truly upsetting. I’ve often heard about the application process before this, and that sounded like such a prosperous era.

Not to be offensive or anything, but if this is due to the backlog, then simply hire more people or revamp the system so that people don’t have to spend hours doing something for free. Roblox is a billion dollar company, so IDK why they don’t do this. This comes down to their breakdown of priorities, which only reflects their desires and not the community.

OML the votes are unanimous, but worthless in the end. :frowning_face:


Good old public punishment :stuck_out_tongue:

Disclaimer, this is a joke

Already know someone is going to take this too literally please don’t

Replace the weapons with fruit, couldn’t find a stock image with them throwing tomatoes tho


Hopefully, there’s a huge change with the system of how it works soon instead of it being so laid back and users being able to post anything with almost no moderation if not reported by another user. It’s just annoying to check #discussion or #collaboration:recruitment to see someone not even following the correct format to post there or just random posting in a topic for the pure enjoyment of it.

Actually sages at one point were doing “public” punishment by locking without unlisting topics to set an example or whatever on what should not be posted. But now it’s just a “sometimes they do sometimes they don’t” thing now.


There’s actually an idiom that comes to my mind, “Going out on a limb”. It perfectly describes people who are taking an intentional risk by doing something that only has potential for a bad outcome, but without the guarantee of failure. This perfectly fits into context as anyone who has the guts to do something not only a) dumb (sorry for offensive language),but also b) intentional and c) with the expectation of gaining something out of it, is more than likely due to the environment being merciful. Where I mentioned before “guarantee of failure”, is where the forum isn’t strictly enforced enough for someone to understand not to intentionally be a trouble, and a result wouldn’t do it in first place. Considering that, there’s are still downright stubborn people who choose to intentionally break rules, but there’s not really much you can change about that. That brings to my point that moderators or just the forum in general should be a stricter. Of course, like mentioned accidents are prevalent, but someone who chooses to do wrong is not held at an expense of ‘an accident’. Obviously, the forum should have a chill side to it as well, but also a strong community that rightly considers how to deal with those type of people, whether through immediate strikes.

Did you flag the DM? I’m pretty sure DET already enforces heavier punishment on users who intentionally break the rules.

I think someone intentionally posting in the wrong category can be a sign of inexperience using forums rather than malicious in nature. I don’t think you can justify striking them for this without first giving them feedback or implementing better tutorials. If it occurs after they’ve already been given feedback then they should be striked imo.


I didn’t flag the DM since the post was taken down about 10 minutes after, however you do have a point about it potentially not being malicious, however much of this forums rules are inferred (common sense) and I think its pretty common sense that a rule, is a rule and therefor should not be broken, if they don’t understand that I would honestly doubt they are 13+ and should be on the forum in the first place.