Start launcher from own website

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    I want to be able to join a server thru my own website.

  2. What is the issue?
    Can’t figure out how to make this possible if it even is possible.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far?
    I searched for many solutions on the DevForum but could find any (working) solutions.

What i did find was the code pasted below which sortoff works. It launches but doesn’t load it just keeps hanging on the loading screen.


You need an authentication ticket to join servers. Also maybe you need to pass more parameters.

Also, be careful when generating one of these. If someone gets a hold of one of your authentication tickets they can use it to get into your roblox account fairly easily.


So this means you cant make a launcher that works for everyone? Or does a authentication ticket work for all users?

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The authentification ticket is about the user going to the game.

You can find the exact URL if :
- Go on a game page,
- Open the console and set Roblox.GameLaunchLogger.logToConsoleEnabled = true (but remember pasting things in the console is dangerous),
- Click on play.
The full URL used will be shown.

I tried and it still don’t works, it don’t connect to a server. I used .

But you will always need something from the Roblox website, an authentification thing for example.

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So what you send doesn’t work. And what do you mean by Full URL and what can i use that for?

Using the full URL (with the gameinfos) can show the name and the creator of the game. You only need something else to make it work but we don’t know what.

Ok, I already tried to get the an authentication ticket but that doesn’t work since the api can only be called from the roblox website.

some js code, I do not know how to get the verification id but if you are going for an alt gen (or something along them lines) you could just make a database of the verification id’s

function LaunchClient() {
    var gameid = "" //game id here
    var time = Math.round(+new Date());
    var data = "" //verification id here"roblox-player:1+launchmode:play+gameinfo:" + data + "+launchtime:" + time + "+placelauncherurl:" + gameid + "&isPlayTogetherGame=true+browsertrackerid:60604189768+robloxLocale:en_us+gameLocale:en_us");
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No, i am going for a button on my website which launches the game on the users own account. But it seams there is no way to do this.

You can’t do this.
Because requesting Authication ticket is need cookie header and cookies cannot be send unless requested by the official roblox website.

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You could make a chrome plugin instead of a website

Ok well than my idea ain’t gone work.

u can use the roblox deep linking method