Start of New FPS Map (Need Feedback)

I’ve decided to start developing an FPS map in hopes of maybe one day turning it into a game. I finished a “out of bounds” building (grey building on the left.) I’ve also finished a building that would be used during gameplay.

The goal: A colorful, modern military shooter.

Does this look good so far? I’ve created all the assets/3D models myself and found some PBRs off the internet (then used Blender for texturing) and from the toolbox of a popular PBR kit. The tree is from a kit as well.

Screenshots of Map


salmon dosn’t really fit the scene, maybe sand-ish yellow?
also the building have too much doors frames, looks kinda out of place, since it is not realistic, i suggest changing that too.

I agree the Salmon seems a little out of place, however ideally every building (besides the ones in the scene like that grey one) will be colorful like it. I am hoping that all buildings being colorful would make the salmon match more. If not, I’ll end up trying a different color like the sand-ish yellow.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Looks really cool, love the style!


Some of the barrels are stacked really oddly/unrealistically. There are some overlapping issues (the top barrel sinking into the bottom barrels, and the crate seems to be inside the barrel). Other than that, well done :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve gone through and fixed it up some. I might even go back and make better looking props next.

Although I’ve started a new building and I’m not that all impressed with it and might start over on it.

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That new building looks pretty good. The windows on the bottom story seem too close to the ground, and the door appears too squat. Once you add a proper roof, it will look great.