'Start server' caused my 3rd crash in 10 min [Incl. crashlogs]

Oh, didn’t even know that existed!

Well here are the last 3 crashlogs:

I am uncertain if log_8BDAF_1 was a full studio crash or not. But the other 2 files are reports of crashes that occured simply by opening a studiofile and pressing ‘start server’.

For clarity: Crashes means ‘Program not responding’ and never reponds again; even if you wait 5 minutes.


I’ve been having this exact same issue unfortunately. Here are my recent logs, with log_C9BF7_1 being the most recent one to immediately follow a crash.

I haven’t had any crashes yet, but Local Testing is being unresponsive to me now. Getting stuck on the ‘Logging in’ screen.

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I’ve also been crashing very frequently when starting server.

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Is there any other information we can provide to get this fixed?

This seems like it could be an issue with testing games in general and is seriously hampering productivity.

Roblox is also occasionally crashing for me when I use Play Solo now. Very annoying.

Yes, I am getting far more crashes than normal. Play Solo as well as Start Server now result in crashes consistently.

Edit: so right after I hit Play Solo, or Start Server is where it seems to crash. Something hangs at that point preventing the program from launching the play/start process.

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