StartDrag no has information

I was looking at the Developer Hub, and I looked at a function that did not show information. The name of this function is “StartDrag” and not a deprecated function.

The function is of the Plugin service.

Actually, it does not show any information about it.
Also I do not know what he can do.


This is still a problem.

Apologies for the bump, but some documentation for this function would be nice!!! :slight_smile:


Still a problem.

Here is what I know about the dictionary

Key Value Type
Sender String
MimeType String
Data String
MouseIcon String
DragIcon String
HotSpot Vector2

What each one does? No idea. Would really help to have some documentation for this.


Hey, sorry for the radio silence on this. We’ll get this and other related drag-and-drop API members up to snuff very soon.

There is documentation now; however, it states that the default for MimeType is text/plain, when the default is an empty string, and that Data is required, when it has a default which is an empty string. Could these be fixed?

This page and related API members’ pages have been updated! Still working out an issue with a cross reference to this page, but the page should be good :+1:

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