Started animating two days ago. Some animations I created (not done)

These zombies are going to be for the first map “dungeon” im making
This will not be all of the Zombies. It is basically the idle for the zombies in the first dungeon (WIll be a dungeon quest type game with hugely new concepts)

Normal Zombie


Normal Zombie

Boss Zombie

CONCEPT OF THE GAME (Optional Reading)


It will be a dungeon quest type game. there are 3 classes (gunner, medic, juggernaut) u can choose which u want and upgrade stats for them. they have individual acrobatic/skills/passive moves for each class. There will be different maps(“dungeons”). It will each have easy, medium, hard, Ultra hard… etc. you can play solo or with friends.
Medics Have low damage low health, HIGH healing (when they get powers)
gunners have medium damage, low health, and range
Juggernauts have high health, low damage, and melee
Each map will have the same type of zombies,
the thing is, each mode has different types of those same zombies
for example
easy mode: -(’ o ‘)- hard mode: <(’ o ')>
same thing but mutated a bit

Discord: Chlorine#6881
Roblox: Zombiewcy


Very nice! try to make the eyeball on the boss zombie move a little slower


This looks really nice for both of them, If you want to try out making the zombie boss eyeball look around just a slight bit slower then have a random twitch just to see how that would change the character, but still it dose look great the way it is.