Started experimenting with unions

So today I was introduced to unions for the first time and here is what I made

Without lighting

With lighting

I want to know what you guys think (Please remember that I was introduced to unions today)

Thanks, and stay safe

Edit added terrain and dimmed lighting:


Still looking for feedback everyone plz give

Personally I think it’s a little too bright with the lighting.

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Alr will tone that down thanks for the feedback

Man seeing you get introduced to union today, I’m surprised and amazed by the work you’ve pulled off! Very good! The thing I’d recommend you adding to the door part is make the doors have like logs all over it. Since the whole house thing has logs covering it, maybe add logs to the door so it can match the style!

And I mean other then that, fantastic work my man! :smile:

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Thank you for the compliment :grin: I will take your suggestion and put it into the build

Hey guys, I added terrain to the house and now Ima make some trees, I think I’m going to do a Chinese styled home next though I wonder how I’m going to pull that off we’ll just have to see

Looks good, i like how the light reflects the house and makes it look realistic and good. 10/10

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I added your suggestion, you can see it in the most recent image, I also added terrain

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