Started Learning How to Develop Roblox Games 32 Days Ago, Here is What I've Created!

For the past 2 years, I was a Java Developer, producing Minecraft Servers / Plugins for YouTubers & Brands. Although recently I’ve had a desire to dive into the Roblox scene, and I’ve been having a great time!

I started on October 30th learning how to work with Lua and began creating my own Simulator. During that time, I’ve learned so much, it’s insane! I’ve created so many core systems which I can reuse for future games, like Quests, Daily Rewards, etc.

Here are some of the GUIs I’ve created. They’re extremely basic, but they’re meant to be basic and specifically to show the possible functionality. I’m currently hiring (no this isn’t a commission post, I already have commissioned someone) to improve all the GUIs, before releasing the game.

Hopefully, this can motivate others in someway :smiley:

Currency Display


Quests Progress & Notifications

Survey System which outputs to Google Sheets

Daily Rewards

Upgrade Shop

Egg Hatch

Pet Upgrade System

Booster Inventory




This is cool good job, I think you made a lot of progress for just 32 days. If you need UI I’m the man!


Thanks! I checked out some of your past work, and it’s great!

If the current commission falls through, I’ll definitely hit you up!

Wow, how did you learn so much at this time… Please tell me your ways! :pleading_face:

It looks really cool! But just like you said, the GUI’s still look really basic. Keep it up man!

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This stuff is really good! Keep up the great work.

one question tho, how did you do this? Is there a tutorial you followed? I’d really like to use this in my game

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That isn’t hard, you can use HttpService and the respective API for this.

This looks fantastic! Keep up the good work! :smiley:

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I know, but HOW. I want to know how please

I assume that my Java experience gave me a huge advantage because I already knew the basic coding principles. I think completely new developers might require a bit more time to learn these along with Lua & Roblox stuff.

What I did was just watch YouTube Videos for what I wanted to learn. For example, during my first few days creating a Simulator, I watched Polaris’ videos to help me while I learned.

I Google probably 20+ times each day about any questions I have. You can pretty much find anything you need by searching it on Google and adding “Roblox” or “Roblox Dev” at the end. For example, I searched for “Roblox Chance Check” last night to make an RNG system.

I also use Roblox & Roblox Studio Discord for any questions I have!


Thanks! I followed this Tutorial Using HttpService with Google Sheets


THANK YOU SO MUCH. I can’t wait to use this! Thank you!!!


one question, how do I get the entry code. I’ve gone to the source code of spread sheets but can’t find the entry code.

It shows you how to get the entries here

I went to the source code by pressing ctrl + U and I search for “entry.” and its 0. See:

I dont know if i’m on the right page but it’s the page where you can edit the questions and add them. Also, mine has 194 lines and his has over 200 lines

I use the “Inspect” on Chrome, then select Elements, and then use Ctrl+F to search for entry.

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still no luck. Mind telling me which page you did it on and where you did the inspect(like on the question or on the outside) look here:

thanks for your help btw. I’m just new to google sprite sheets and stuff lol

Also can you put a video of your self getting the “entry.”? so I can follow a long better

Click “Preview” where you edit the Form
Then Inspect

I personally dont see the preview button. Can you show where it is as i cant find it. Also sorry if im being annoying. But thanks for your help

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still no luck
EDIT: I FIXED IT!!! It was because the thing I added wasn’t a question! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!! AHHHH

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