StarterCharacter 3D Clothing issue

Hey everyone, i wanna know how to apply regular 3D Clothing to a R6 StarterCharacter, so that everyone spawns with those 3D clothings on.

The issue i’m facing right now is that the Character either spawns with no 3D Clothing on, or if i anchor the whole StarterCharacter, he does spawn with the 3D Clothing but in this case can’t move.

This is how the situation is looking like right now, i am not sure if it’s a weld constraint issue or anything else. This is my first time trying this and a lot of games implement this feature with customization or whatever, it’s pretty common. So i’m assuming, i’m messing up something very simple.

Thank you guys in advance for your help, it really means a lot.


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You will need to weld the hair/clothing


That’s what i figured, but do you have any idea on how to do that ? And should i weld each one of them to it’s respective body part ?

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If you’re not doing it by script, just put a weld constraint in the clothing item and set Part0 to the head, or wherever it’s attaching, and Part1 to the clothing item. (I’m not 100% certain on the order from memory, so if it doesn’t work switch Part0 & Part1)

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Thank you so much, i’ll try that out and see if it works. :+1:

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