StarterGear is no longer visible from the client


StarterGear can no longer be seen from the Client Side within a game. A few weeks ago you could see it from server or client, but now it is just the server. I would normally expect it to be client sided as well.

I see this as a bug because this was recently working fine and I could use it to show the gears that the player owned. I can no longer do this and it broke my scripts because this update wasn’t announced.

Open a baseplate in Studio and play in studio from client side, check players, and then the player, and see there is no StarterGear. Then, go into the normal game, and play and check the output to see that when the script in the GUI tries running StarterGear returns nil.

StarterGear will not show up to the client, only the server.

Picture of client view:


Extra details:

The bug started happening a few weeks ago, Not exactly sure of the time. [Was in 2019 though]

The bug occurs 100% of the time.

It is not game specific, i have tried on multiple games, and multiple alts. I have also talked to a few other developers and they tried, and told me they got the same outcome.