StarterGear not accessible from server

Not much else to say, in a filtering enabled game the server cannot access startergear.
It broke my game :frowning:


Can you attach a place file if possible for staff to repro this?

Also, by using the specified format, it will help staff in addressing this


The bug happens all the time on game servers when you have filtering enabled.

If you run the following code in the developer console you will get an error:

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Can confirm. Happens on my game too. <-- Not a minimal place.

Basically the server can no longer see Player.StarterGear when using non-Experimental mode


Do we still do [ROBLOXCRITICAL]? If so then this should be labeled that. This is a game-breaking bug and can completely break entire games depending how they are programmed. I figured they would have it fixed by the early morning but it is STILL broken 18 hours later.

I have several groups I’ve been developing for whose group games are entirely broken because no one has any tools and instead of updating each place I figured Roblox would just fix this bug but having to wait this long is a little ridiculous when Roblox is so trigger-happy on the rollback button these days.


Yes, please update the title accordingly in regards to @evaera’s post.

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This was originally marked as ROBLOXCRITICAL, but I asked the OP to unmark it because it doesn’t meet any of the criteria for ROBLOXCRITICAL. It only will when/if ever it’s causing massive player loss in front page games.

ROBLOXCRITICAL is the engineer bat signal – we use it for urgent bugs (the kind they’d come in on the weekend to fix). Most bugs break games in some way – they aren’t ROBLOXCRITICAL unless they significantly affect player count in top games.

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I disagree with you. If a player joins a game that’s centered around tools (which is a large number of games), they will leave because there is nothing to do. This is directly affecting profits of developers and Roblox itself.

“Causing massive player drops and affecting multiple Roblox games.”

Players are dropping because they cannot play the game. It is affecting every Roblox game. This is definitely a ROBLOXCRITICAL issue.


You should link places to solidify this argument, then maybe the critical tag can be reinstated.

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Any games experiencing player drops should be linked so the scope of the bug can be discerned.


LV isn’t exactly a small place, if it’s affecting LV I’d call it critical.

Well the player count is pretty small usually (about 100), but the group associated with it is large, so I have only received 100 of the same report.

Apparently a bunch of clan games died too. Well people were complaining about “RCL”

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It is a pretty big deal because StarterGear is a well-documented feature that’s been around for ages and I’m sure you’ve seen lots of code that’s reliant on it. If Roblox will rollback things that are just a tiny bit broken in the past, then they should be able to do this equally as fast, because this isn’t just a tiny bit broken, this is super duper broken.

It also makes the game developers look bad to the players because typically game pass items are distributed with StarterGear, and it makes the user feel like they got scammed which also hurts our reputation.

Some broken places: (developer completely closed this one because it broke his game so badly)


What were their player counts before the bug?

It varies (as with all group games), but some listed would have completely full servers at peak times. These are just games I’ve seen affected personally (and the one from a post above). There are likely thousands of other games that have been affected to a bigger degree.

But I feel like we’re talking about semantics of post labeling now. I don’t really care that much if it is officialy ROBLOXCRITICAL or not, but what I do care about is the person who is responsible for pushing this change to see it so they can revert it. This seems like a pretty big deal to me as it affects gamepass sales and users thinking they got scammed for buying a gamepass that gave them nothing, hurting the developer’s reputation. Then the user could post something about it which could further hurt game and Roblox profits even after this bug is fixed, so in my view it is critical that Roblox fix this as soon as possible.


Yes, having the change reverted is important. I’ve already pinged DevRel so they can forward it to the appropriate engineer. A bug does not have to be ROBLOXCRITICAL to be important. DevRel is who forwards bugs to engineers, including ROBLOXCRITICAL – if there is an urgent issue, just make sure to grab their attention. Bugs don’t have to be marked as ROBLOXCRITICAL to be resolved.

I think this is what caused my game Noob Invasion to break. It uses StarterGear to give players swords, so all the gamepasses that give swords are broken now and people may start thinking they’ve been scammed.

Debating whether or not a tag in the title is worth adding is kind of pointless.

There’s obviously an issue here and it’s obviously critical. There is nothing anyone can do on the players end to fix this issue, so I don’t see the harm in labeling it whatever.

Debating statistics is kind of silly as that doesn’t really pertain to us as the consumer.


No, it’s not. There are a number of given reasons that have to be present (at least one of them) before you can add the critical tag. These reasons are not suggestions, they are rules (see the pinned thread in this category). Discussing whether or not the critical tag should be added is therefore not pointless.

This is not a reason to mark something as critical. Many bugs apply to this description, that does not make them critical. Giving evidence that one of the critical criteria are met (guaranteed crashes, loss of data, massive player losses, etc) is the way to do it, like @evaera is doing by posting the place links.

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Meanwhile while we are arguing about what is acceptable for a title, the ROBLOX team is probably already working towards a solution to the problem because of this post.

Shall we continue, or?

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