StarterGui:SetCore "ChatMakeSystemMessage" FontSize not scaling

The Problem

Using the function StarterGui:SetCore(“ChatMakeSystemMessage”) does not change the size of the font in the chat as expected (or at all) when attempting to set the FontSize property. It will always default to Size18 (the current size of the font for the chat).

This works in Studio and in-game. Unavoidable unless you have a custom chat or an old version of the default chat.

Not sure when this started to happen, afraid to say.

Video Evidence

Reproduction Steps

  • Open up any place; even an empty baseplate will do.
  • Put this bit of code inside of a LocalScript where it can run (what was used in the video):
local Player,SGUI = game.Players.LocalPlayer,game:GetService("StarterGui")
if not Player.Character then Player.CharacterAdded:Wait() end
	for A,B in pairs(Enum.FontSize:GetEnumItems()) do
	SGUI:SetCore("ChatMakeSystemMessage",{Text = "TEST | "..B.Name,FontSize = B})
  • Run it.

Place File (if you don’t feel like doing the steps above)

Chat Bug.rbxl (18.7 KB)

It looks like the documentation for this is incorrect, it should be TextSize instead of FontSize and take an integer instead of the FontSize enum. I’ll try to get this documentation updated, sorry about this issue.


Ah, I see. Well, now it certainly works when put like that. Thanks for the response!

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