Starting a new game. (Development)

Hi all, for many years I have worked as a devloper in the bus community for groups like Metroline and Stagecoach. I have recently decided to quit and continued on with my ambition to become a solo devloper. How ever I have hit a bump in the road. I am not sure what I want to make. What steps should I take when first making a game? What would people like to see more of in roblox? (Game wise)
Look forward to hearing from you!


Hey! Check out this topic that I think you’ll find very helpful for trying and making ROBLOX game ideas! My post is a solution and in there I show the steps to create the idea and create the game! Might want to check that out too!

EDIT: linked wrong reply, look at the OP then the solution. Reading other comments would be helpful.

  1. Personally I usually play other games and then I sometimes get inspiration from playing said games. After that my brain thinks how the inspiration can be used.

  2. I sadly can’t think of any specific game-genre that others would like to see more of on Roblox.

Other than that, @ScytheSlayin linked to an excellent post on the matter. Anyways, good luck with your future developments :grin: