Starting to build detailed works… Help needed

How would I do something like an apt building, in Roblox studios? I currently have a team of 2 (including myself) builders, that are trying to make an apt building complex. We currently are trying to work on detailed buildings. Any tips/feedback on how to improve building skills? Currently, the apt buildings are set as a background, with only one door teleporting to another side. (images below.)
This is the starter screen! Drawn by yours truly.

This is the only working door we have so far, the lighten door being an entrance (will be more apt rooms to follow)

Entering it teleports you to an apt. room. The Lighten door is the exit, and the other door is assumed as a neighbor or other room of sorts. (not yet built, this is just the prototype) Should we make our own models? Via, fridge, stove, Tv, bed, lamps, along with drawing the pictures/decals out.

this is more of the apt background, a border to kept kids from falling off, but, if you notice, not all of the blocks have windows, and are just blank bricks, along with the undetailed windows. Should we add more detailed windows? And doors as well? Seeing how we only have Roblox studios, no fancy stuff as blender?

Please provide feedback/tips if you have any, keep in mind, this game is for KIDS, which are on MOBILE. And is a Creepypasta Roleplay game. Thank you for reading, this is Anon signing out!



I would suggest maybe look up some images online of what you wanna build then take that imagination from it. And maybe you could mess with the lighting and see how well that goes for you. :slight_smile:


Search some references in google and mix your idea based on your builds. Try to add more details in buildings and surroundings. Add some trees, rocks and other things that can player interact with