Stat Boost Script Not Working

Hello everyone!
I’m making a Tower Defense game and I’m trying to make a tower that would scream and boost every ally’s stats that are in a certain hitbox part

The script doesn’t seem to work however.
It only prints: “boosted stats” which is according to the script, but the rest of the script won’t work

this is the script:

local db = false
print("boosted stats")
	if hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("isally") then
		if hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("damage") then
			if db == false then
				db = true
				hit.Parent.damage.Value = hit.Parent.damage.Value * 2
				hit.Parent.damage.Value = hit.Parent.damage.Value / 2
				db = false

I need help.

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Touched is very inconsistent with detection and the problem right now is that it’s most likely not detecting anything in the part that isn’t moving. I recommend using the ZonePlus v2 module, one way you can do this is you using use the getParts function from that module to see if the part in a zone’s parent is an ally and boosting them from there.

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So you mean that parts can’t be detected unless they move inside the hitbox?

If you’re using the Touched event then yes that is generally how it works based off when I used it.

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thank you.
i have one more question, i don’t quite understand that module you sent me. judging by what i saw, there were only player detections. are there any normal entities detections? (for example a sniper)

Nevermind! I got it. I checked the inside of the Zone module script and there was this part:

    print(("part '%s' entered the zone!"):format(part.Name))

sooo yep. thank you anyways, this helped me a lot :smiley:

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