State Line City — Update Log

:leaves: Update 3.0 — Coming Soon!

The update that takes State Line City out of its in-development phases is almost here! Be ready for July 20, 2024.

Release Channel Updates


v3.0.0a — One Giant Leap

The Summer Update is nigh…

Dev Channel Updates


Coming soon

In-Development Phases


:leaves: Spring Air, v2.3.0a — June 11, 2024

Being the last Beta update, we’ve added preparations for the final release (v3), and converted the map to spring! We’ve completed lots of the map expansion and the downtown as well. We can’t wait to bring the Summer Update to you guys; this is just the first step! =)
  • Springtime! The map is no longer covered in snow and the trees have leaves again.
  • Completely revamped the rail line, and added a new one.
  • Completely revamped the interstate.
  • Fully finished the main section of the downtown.
  • Renamed I-65 and US 30 to I-82 and US 48.
  • Added a rail-fed industrial area; to be filled with buildings in v3.
  • Revamped the wheat fields, and removed one.
  • Patched game-breaking money-related bugs.
  • (Hopefully) fixed data loss.
  • Added a better notification system.
  • Mostly finished the new neighborhood.
  • Added some new buildings.
  • Touched up parts of the map.
  • Deprecated & removed a few old, broken things in the backend.
  • A few preparations for v3 (summer update).
  • Minor security patches.
  • Major performance improvements.
  • Major bug fixes.


:hammer: Spring Air (b), v2.4.0b:

  • Updated Beta banner near spawn.

Previous releases

🚗 Cruisin' Around Town, v2.3.0a — February 12, 2024
This update fixes many of the issues with the vehicle spawner and makes general gameplay improvements. It also adds yet another sneak peek at SLC’s next UI revamp!
  • Fixed major clientside security vulnerability.
  • Complete vehicle spawner rewrite.
  • Fixed owner only sometimes not working with cars.
  • Fixed car collisions sometimes not working properly.
  • Added car selling functionality, though not yet implemented.
  • Car spawner now self-closes after spawning in a vehicle.
  • Re-added changelogs menu.
  • Major bug fixes.


  • none!
🌎 The Way Home, v2.2.0a — February 4, 2024
Beta part 2 mainly focuses on completing the map expansion and making it accessible.
  • Map boundary expanded westward.
  • Added framework for new neighbourhood.
  • Added new road network.
  • Fixed weather system! Clouds are now fully dynamic and change at random intervals.
  • Fixed NPCs not moving.
  • Removed blue dev console message.
  • Major bug fixes.


  • none!
Intermission, v2.1.0a — January 27, 2024
This is NOT beta part 2. This is a filler update to get us back on schedule.
  • Improvements to the map expansion.
  • Added more buildings to the city.
  • Minor bug fixes.


:hammer: Intermission (b), v2.1.0b:

  • Corrected Beta release date in support menu.
Frostfall, v2.0.0a — January 20, 2024
This is part 1 of the Beta release.
  • Alpha —> Beta.
  • Winter theme.
  • Downtown revamped and completed.
  • Part 1 of small map expansion.
  • Utility UI refresh.
  • All-new vehicle spawner.
  • Tons of new houses.
  • Tons of new buildings.
  • New roads in industrial / downtown.
  • New clothing store in downtown.
  • New diamond shop (will be able to rob later).
  • New suite of jobs.
  • New automated chat messages.
  • Huge QOL improvements.
  • Money system improvements.
  • Swapped changelogs menu with job menu.
  • Major performance improvements.
  • Major bug fixes.


:hammer: Frostfall (b), v2.0.0b:

  • Fixed a missing road.

:hammer: Frostfall (c), v2.0.0c:

  • Fixed “Marble” material step sounds not working properly.
  • Changed leafy/grass walk sound to snow.


⭐ v1.7.0a - Winter’s Night
  • Revamped gas station.
  • Added a restaurant.
  • Added large shopping outlet.
  • Added more donwtown buildings.
  • Added more street lights to downtown.
  • Fixed road bugs.
  • Fixed some z-fighting.
  • Slight performance improvements.
  • Major bug fixes.
💸 v1.6.0a - Shopping Spree
  • Nearly finished downtown area.
  • Fixed some road errors.
  • Major bug fixes.
🍂 v1.5.0a - The Old Ways
  • Added more buildings to downtown.
  • Finished downtown US 30.
  • Railroad St neighbourhood laid out.
  • Replaced a couple of buildings.
  • Fixed some road errors.
  • Major bug fixes.
🌟 v1.4.0a - A Year's Time
  • Added 1y of Development monument! We thank you for your all support along the way. A special announcement in the Discord will also be delivered.
  • Removed Autumn Maze 2023. Congratulations to the winners!
  • Redid downtown road layout.
  • Added more buildings to downtown.
  • Fixed some road errors.
  • Major bug fixes.
🎃 v1.3.0a - The Way It Is
  • Added a couple of Halloween accents around the map and in the UIs.
  • Laid the groundwork for a huge northward map expansion.
  • Finished off top bar UI.
  • Added shop menu.
  • Added support menu.
  • Added changelogs menu.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Major bug fixes.
🍁 v1.2.0a - Pumpkin Spice
  • Changed to fall colours.
  • Added all-new utility UI.
  • Added more NPCs.
  • Removed Topbar+.
  • Major bug fixes.
🏡 v1.1.1a - In the Trailer Park
  • Fully revamped all of the trailer homes near I-65.
  • Added fully scripted interiors to said trailer homes.
  • Re-enabled minimap.
  • Re-enabled options menu.
  • Added in-game clock.
  • [EXPERIMENTAL] Added AI NPCs to downtown.
  • Fixed daylight cycle script.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.
🔨 v1.1.0b - Hotfix #2
  • Fixed some unanchored parts.
🚀 v1.1.0a - One Small Step
  • 50% map expansion.
  • Added (WIP) downtown.
  • Added new AI characters.
  • Completed onramps at I-65.
  • Fixed terrain along roads.
  • Fixed walk sounds not playing on spawn.
  • Added American Gas (AG) station.
  • Updated railway crossing on 407. Actual lighting/gates to be added later.
  • Added Lake Hillery. (credit: Norvich)
  • Revamped parking lot at spawn.
  • Added several buildings.
  • Temporarily disabled options menu.
  • Temporarily disabled minimap.
  • Added 2 new vehicles.
  • Added lots of new foliage.
  • Revamped all trees.
  • Revamped a few textures.
  • Major performance improvements.
  • Major bug fixes.
🔨 v1.0.0b - Hotfix #1
  • Fixed incorrect part placements in some areas.
  • Removed some developer tools.
🔨 v1.0.0a - A New Beginning
  • Replaced main menu options with changelogs.
  • Added new cars.
  • Added spawner.
  • Semi-map revamp.
  • Added lots of terrain and foliage.
  • Fixed many backend errors.
  • Changed from Pre-Development to Alpha.
  • Tweaked world lighting.
  • Added blur functionality to ModuleService.
  • Changed main menu music.
  • New icon and thumbnail.
  • Added several new buildings.
  • Added templates for certain things.
  • More has been set-up for Datastore and other things.
  • Major bug fixes.


🔨 v10.0a
  • Preparations for Alpha v1.0.0a.
🔨 v9.0a public
  • Complete map revamp.
  • Complete UI revamp.
  • Complete backend revamp.
  • Laid the groundwork for future group changes.
  • New player tag.
  • Added some new buildings.
  • 2nd round of public testing.
  • Laid the groundwork for a new interstate.
  • Switched to voxel terrain.
  • Major performance improvements by turning on StreamingEnabled.
  • Datastore set-up.
  • Temporarily removed weather system.
  • Description mini-revamp.
  • Major bug fixes.
🔨 v8.0a
  • Redid world lighting again.
  • Fixed some backend errors.
  • Added several buildings.
  • Added a work-in-progress dirt road.
  • New plans for updated roads.
  • Fixed some other minor issues.
🔨 v7.0a public
  • Added settings menu.
  • Fixed the chat.
  • Added changelogs in main menu.
  • Vastly improved performance.
  • Public testing!
🔨 v6.2a
  • Added this changelog.
  • Redid world lighting.
  • Attempts at optimization for lower-end devices.
  • Tweaked overhead PlayerUI.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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