State of Ammaquot Rules & Guidelines [NEW!]

State of Ammaquot Community Guideline

Ammaquot is a fictional state, and shall not be confused/compared with ANY real Law Enforcement agencies or real US state. We are also a mayflower remake, any hatred towards that will get you banned. The State of Ammaquot has a variety of Mountains, Lakes, and Pine Trees. You can Enforce the law, or cause epic crime.


Administrators help to keep the community balanced and clean. To avoid Exploiters, Cheaters, and Rulebreakers. They have a set list of commands they can use, and are expected to only use them when necessary. If you believe you are being treated unfairly by an admin, or were unreasonably disciplined, contact any Head Administrator, But for immediate response contact “iiAspiring_Firewood”.


Fail Roleplay (FRP) is when a user takes advantage of unrealistic aspects of the game to make the gameplay unfair for others. This is not tolerated and after a certain amount of Fail Roleplay warnings you can be Time Banned. Members who use an alternative account to bypass this will be perm-banned and will not be able to appeal it. To keep FRP simple, if it can not be done in real life, then it can not be done in Anmaquot. The following is considered FRP:

  1. Civilian/Police Officer flipping their car back on its tires during a pursuit

  2. A Civilian intentionally targeting a user to negatively impact their gameplay

  3. Store Robbery spam

  4. Using a taser at an unrealistic distance

  5. Using a shotgun at an unrealistic distance

  6. Complete disregard for any rules set in place

  7. Using third party software to gain advantage over others

  8. Blatant refusal to comply with an admin’s command in game

  9. Civilians shooting/aiming a weapon while in the driver seat

  10. Using the “!help” command for no reason

The following is NOT considered FRP:

  1. Flipping your car back on its tires while not engaged in a pursuit

  2. Law Enforcement using a taser to tase someone in a vehicle as to deal with a FRP civilian

  3. Intentionally interrupting a completed roleplay session


LTAA, Also known as “Leave to Avoid Arrest” is strictly forbidden, and is a perm-banned result with no appeal if you do so. If you make an alternative account to avoid this fracture you will be repeatedly banned.

RTAA, Also known as “Reset To Avoid Arrest” is forbidden, Regarding the fact we are disabling the Reset System you still may not try to do it, Therefore, still resetting when we release will get your account Temporarily Banned until FULL release. If yoh make an alternative to avoid this fracture, you will be repeatedly banned.


New Life Rule (NLR) is when an individual is killed during a roleplay, and is deemed “clean” of any crimes they committed. Though, resetting your self just to get the NLR fracture without any proof of actually being killed, will leave your warrants and crimes you’ve committed.


The following are general guidelines that will be enforced by either department heads or administrators:

  1. No breaking ROBLOX ToS

  2. Controversial topics do not belong in game or any chat medium affiliated with Amherst

  3. Derogatory acts or general offensiveness will not be tolerated

  4. Higher ranking members are expected to dress appropriately both on and off duty

  5. All department workers should be in uniform while on duty (found in lockers)

  6. Department workers are expected to follow the Ringwood Department Rule both on and off duty

  7. Department workers are expected to remain professional while on duty.

  8. You may cause crime as a civillian if you are a LEO off duty, IF you get permission from your chief, and get no more than 3+ warrant fractures.

This document is subject to change over time by the administration team as time progresses.




Head Administrator,