Statement spans multiple lines; use indentation to silence

how to fix? I dont personally know


I believe this happens when something that should be on one line spans multiple lines, such as an if statement which I assume is what’s happening here. You should be able to right click on your script and click “Format Document” if you want the multiple lines like this. Otherwise if that doesn’t work, go to the start of the line and press the tab key to indent.

Although if the statement spanning multiple lines isn’t really necessary for readability and such, you can put it all in one line.

Not assuming you don’t know, but in case you don’t know how to format document here’s where you can find it:

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I pressed format selection, Indent, Unindent
But only format document worked (I dont know what that does, but it helped)

Idk what was problem in there

But when I did what I said above, it removed that underline

Format Document basically formats the entire document (script), sorry if I just reworded it LOL

It basically just adds indentation to the entire script so it’s more readable. (and in some cases, like this, fixes the script)

I mean what it changed is did what was already there and it worked??? (I mean nothing changed from what was when it was underlined, but it works so ok)

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