Statistics for a R$600 2 day sponsor experiment | COMPARISION

Quick info: made Tuesday-Friday, R$300 each day, started 7:30 PM, targeting any gender <13 on phone or tablet | This is a comparison experiment between 2 sponsors each with a total of 600 robux.

I got around 2 million impressions, 300 clicks, and 178 visits from this sponsor which gave a 0.013% CTR and a 0.008% conversion rate which are better stats than the previous sponsor but way less clicks, visits, and impressions overall.

(Previous sponsor is below)

As you can see these sponsors both started on tuesday, however, the 3 day sponsor ended on friday, I am not sure if it matters to have friday but I did spend 100 more robux on the 2 day sponsor which should’ve made up for that extra day of 200 that was included in the 3 day sponsor.

I predicted that the 200/day for 3 days sponsor would do better because sponsors get lots of plays when you spend a good amount of robux for multiple days. There are tons of stats shared on here that people have spent tens of thousands of robux on and they almost always did great if they were for multiple days (3-7+). If you’re looking to sponsor and think you should spent 500 or 1,000 in a day, don’t do it. Spending a lot of robux for only one day is a horrible idea and so is spending it for only 2 days. At least 3 days is good but it’s definitely better if you have enough robux to sponsor for multiple days.

In conclusion, divide your robux into multiple days when you sponsor if you want the most impressions and plays for your game. I will do another R$600 sponsor that will be R$100 for 6 days to test out if robux amount matters when your sponsor is for multiple days. Thoughts on this finished experiment?


It would be great if you can show your icon and some basic informations such as like ratio and online players before sponsored.
That would be so much more useful! Thanks :smiley: :pray:

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I feel like sponsoring 10K for one day and then 1000 a day for the week after, if one day I gets an unusual spike (Thank to YouTubers and the algorithm) I’ll spend 2000 on that day to make the spike even bigger, Is that a good idea?