Stats Logic help needed!

Hey! Im trying to make a MMORPG game but unlike regular ones the stat system I am making is like that of Blox Fruits.
So far, I tried various methods and researched thoroughly throughout dev forum, reddit, youtube, even talked with chatgpt for assistence, to no avail.
There are 5 clear stat types : Strength , Durability , Sense , Intelligence , Agility.

  1. Strength is pure damage output for physical attacks mainly.
  2. Durability is just hp.
  3. Sense is the ability to find out if the player is in some danger, giving a signal to the player.(which attacks can be sensed is upto the sense stat amount).
  4. Intelligence is amount of mana the player possesses and also amplifies magic skill dmg/efficiency.
  5. Agility is speed and how much you can dodge.

I am looking for how to make the logic for these. Basically the player will be given stat points each level up and they can add them to these stats. accordingly the stat will give output.
Help appreciated thanks <3

Hey, i have found this video on youtube that i believe suits your needs.


Thanks a lot will check it! its a pretty old video with less views so maybe thats why it didnt come in my search feed

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