Stats | Moving Primitives | Broken reading at 0

When checking in game stats, Moving Primitives is now always equal to zero. This started within a few months ago, around the time various physics improvements and or changes were being made, such as the change in assembly behavior to centralize. along with others: live-change-to-part-velocity-and-rotvelocity-setter-behavior, live-change-to-part-cframe-setter-behavior, upcoming-optimization-to-collision-detection-system-beta-test-on-mac-clients-soon, live-changes-to-motor6d-transform-and-motor-currentangle, to name a few.

Even in very physically substantial games, like @madattak 's Plane Crazy, this holds. As for every experience I have visited.

The reading is broken using Service Stats Stats.MovingPrimitivesCount as well. (see developer) (see github api)

This is a metric error. It started a few months ago and is persisting as of 6/7/21.


Thank you for the report! Iā€™m able to repro this, will edit this post when the fix is live (should be in the next week or two :smiley:)