Status+ Revamped - Improved Outage Tracking and FFlag updates, all on Discord and in a bot!

Thank you again @csqrl for the awesome branding!

Introducing the revamped Status+!

Hey! We are back with a new, improved, completely revamped, Status+! We cannot wait to continue supporting developers across the platform by alerting them when Roblox may be having issues!

We’ve exploded in growth over the last few weeks and are excited to share our features and what is next for us!

Status+ is an automatic alternative to We built our own backend in JS, created a bot, and have started tracking Roblox! Every 1.5 minutes, we send a request to all core endpoints that Roblox has, and wait for a response. From there, we check and confirm whether or not the systems are up. If they are, we send a message to our server and all servers using our bot (if set up is done correctly)!

Our automation gives us the advantage over the main status site as we are automated and can detect these outages faster!

As most developers use discord, they can easily get a notification when there is an issue!


Status+ is now based around discord! You can find our discord below:

We recently got into server discovery and have over 5k members! Come check us out for instant outage notifications, FFlag notifications, and more!

We also offer a verified discord bot (thanks @railworks2 for helping us out with verification!)

For tips to set up our bot, check out our #guide channel in our server! The bot invite is below:

We’ve reached over 400 servers and are used and trusted by .gg/roblox, the largest unoffical Roblox discord server, with over 600k members!

What’s next?

We know some of you may be disappointed to hear our old website is being shutdown soon as it uses our old backend. However, never fear, we have huge plans for a new website soon, and a (paid) API! We will keep you updated as much as possible on these new updates, stay tuned and check out our server for more details!

Our team!

This project could not be accomplished without the work of our team, I enjoy giving credit where deserved, so thank you @User9684 for being our lead bot developer and helping us out a ton! Thanks @railworks2 for helping using with verification and a twitter bot!

Wait, why shouldn’t I just use the normal page?

Status+ is a fully automatic system that is separate from the normal status page. We are able to track and detect outages much quicker than the normal page, as it is manually updated by a staff member. Our tools detect these automatically-- much quicker too!

We also offer tracking FFlags, which are internal Roblox features that can be switched on and off quickly.

We are also in favor of an easier way of checking this status, so you can get pinged or notify your server automatically in the event of issues. (This is very helpful as your game’s userbase may want to be notified of these issues before blaming you!)

Thank you so much! We hope you check us out soon!


Very nice server. was very helpful when Roblox went down to know when services were back up.


It was useful to keep me updated

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I’ve been a member of the Status+ Discord for quite a while (for around 6 months now!) and I’m currently a moderator in the server but Status+ is super reliable and was useful for when Roblox went down a few days ago!


7/10 service - aside from the frequent downtime, this is a great tool.


its very useful, I really like it. :wink:

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Thanks! We are working on improving this! :pray:

better than ROBLOX’s status page - undoubtedly

Status+ is great, infact it’s amazing. Though it does go down, sometimes, it has a great uptime. It’s functionality is great and efficient. It’s easy to use, and doesn’t interfere with daily server operations.

Great tool, you should invite it to your server, right now. go invite it. now. ok.

Cannot wait to see what Fxllen and the rest of the team do next!

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I absolutely recommend this alternative to check the Roblox status.

I’ve been on the Discord server for about 5 months, and I’ve seen how the service has improved until today. They have evolved quite a lot, from when it was a simple webhook at the beginning and today it is a verified bot, from when there were 50 users on their server and today 5.000.

What I like most about Status+ is that it checks the status of a large list of Roblox APIs in real time, even if they have 10 second crashes, details the errors and more technical information. Really recommended, take a look at it. :wink:

This is an image of when Status+ detected that Roblox went into maintenance mode.

I can personally state that this was extraordinary useful for getting my team back to work as soon as possible during the last outage, and allowing us to mitigate damage in the past from other platform downtime.


What is the reason you chose for Discord updates instead of a website? Are you planning email notifications soon?

Still dont get the point of tracking fflags in a status bot. Those mean nothing to users and devs.

Bot is over sensitive too – assumes that roblox is dead dead when its crap internet takes forever to ping an endpoint

Bad choice for monitoring status, just use

Nobody’s forcing you to use it, but we appreciate you give us a fair look before shooting us down. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Please read our future section. We are planning a website but Discord is much more convenient for 99% of developers, so we prioritized that.

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Bot is over sensitive too – assumes that Roblox is dead dead when its crap internet takes forever to ping an endpoint

That… Isn’t how Status+ works. We don’t check how long it takes for our pings to be sent, that obviously, wouldn’t be good. We quite literally check the response time header.
And, how could we be oversensitive? We literally set the degraded times tons higher than the average response time. Like, how the Devforum, usually takes 1.5k-3k milliseconds ( 1.5 seconds / 3 seconds ) to respond, we have the max response time before displaying as “degraded” to 10k ms ( 10 seconds ).
And we only report an API is down when it returns a non-client HTTP error, or over 10 seconds.
(Also, we literally get an average of 50-100ms ping on the bot lol)


Public API please :eyes:

This would help me create defences against downtime.

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This has been in the works for some time now :eyes: keep your eyes peeled for the future!

Hey there!

We’ve been working on something for quite a while now - and we are finally excited to begin with a public beta of our API. Currently, we only have one endpoint, but we are looking to add more features in the future, so stay tuned!

You can access our API at

There is a rate limit of 120 requests a minute.

Please do not use this in production. This is a beta product.

Feedback, questions, and anything related to the API can go here or in our discord channel.

Thank you so much for your support and we cannot wait to see your reaction!